Bead board mounting is an easy way to change the entire look of a room. Bead board can be attached to walls or ceilings, but the technique is different for installing and mounting each one. As long as the correct procedure is followed the process is simple and painless.


Proper preparation is essential for a smooth mount for both ceilings and walls. The work surface should be smooth and workable. Wood, drywall and plaster will allow for easy board mounting. However, tile, laminate and other hard surfaces should be removed before mounting the bead board. The electricity should also be turned off in the room you will work in. Measure and cut the bead board before starting. This will help ensure that you have enough to cover the walls or ceiling, and that the pieces fit together the way they are supposed to. Mark the cutouts for electrical plugs, windows, fans and other places where the wood will have to be cut. Use a jig saw to make the cutouts. Use a circular saw to make the large cuts.

Ceiling tips

Installing a bead board ceiling is a little different than installing the walls. A support system is necessary for the boards to hand. Find the studs and screw small anchors of 2x4 wood all along the studs. Place the anchors about 2 feet apart. Use long strips of 1x4 plywood running across the entire ceiling perpendicular to the studs and attached to the wood anchors. The bead board can then be screwed to the plywood lines. A technique of hidden nailing or screwing can also be used to hide the placement of the screws. With hidden nailing the nails or screws are attached into the edge of the wood. The following planks then cover the placement of the nails. However, using finishing nails will achieve a similar result with less trouble. Just make sure to use more finishing nails as they cannot hold as much weight.

Wall tips

Finishing nails make the perfect mounting attachment for bead board. Locate the studs in the walls and nail the bead board into the studs whenever possible. Studs are usually placed some what close together so even if your boards are small, you should be able to attach them to a stud. If you need to place a board where there are no studs, then wood adhesive can be used to mount the bead board panels. Use a bead of adhesive at all the corners and use nails to hang the board while it is drying. A nail every 12 inches is sufficient.