Before the beagle training starts

The beagle is a self-reliant, trustworthy, strenuous breed of medium size. It is a nice balance of aggressiveness and timidness. Be that as it may, the beagles have a bad name for being difficult to train. This is mainly due to the fact that they can be strong-headed from time to time. However, as most dogs, they react nice to positive reinforcement such as praise and food. Before going on with the training make sure you properly understand the beagle temperament and personality.

Beagle Dogs
Credit: aaron_language from flickr

In the pack, the leader is YOU

Dogs are pack animals and within a pack it is the alpha that makes the rule. So, before anything else, it is imperative to make yourself the alpha member of this small pack. Being the leader of the group assumes awarding nice behavior but also fixing bad behavior with at firm (not harsh) voice tone.

Ground boundaries with your beagle

Boundaries are very important to be set up and respected, from the beginning of the relationship with your dog. It is crucial to make sure that specific behavior will not be tolerated.

For example, your beagle should never be fed from the same plate that you are eating. As in any pack, the first to eat is the alpha and then the rest of the members proceed with eating. On the same note, never permit the dog to jump on other people, strange or not, or even jump on the sofa or the bed.

Beagles and their noses

It is a known beagle fact that these dogs have a very powerful sense of smell. This trait can not be “undone” so you can not train a beagle not to smell around. What you can do, is grab your beagle’s attention, for example with a food treat, so that it smells less at particular moments (e.g. when you are walking around).

Beagle Puppy
Credit: cristianocani from flickr

Beagle training tips

Tips to take under account:

  • Beagle are in general quite social animals so do not let your beagle alone for too long since that could trigger separation anxiety and other issues.
  • Make sure to involve the rest of the family during the training process. Beagles love to be members of a bigger pack.
  • Beagles have short attention spans so the training sessions should be kept rather short (for example around 10 minutes).
  • The beagle should be always outside the house when it is time to relieve itself. Also, any accidents should be cleaned up promptly.

Patience is your best asset

While training your beagle it is important to keep your patience. Beagles are playful and full of energy, but at the same time they can be stubborn and self-reliant, which makes the training a bit of a challenge. Always keep in mind that eventually your patience will be rewarded by having an obedient, well-behaved dog!


It is up to you to train your beagle by following this simple tips and always keeping your patience. Don’t forget that any training should be started quite early in your puppy’s life, between 3 and 6 months. Get a lovable beagle dog today, there are always beagle puppies for sale!