If you're a man with a beard or thinking about growing a beard you'll need some way to keep it trimmed, unless you want to look like a mountain man. Some guys use scissors, that's probably the most complicated way to do it, but it's cheap, and it works you'll just need practice to keep it even. My husband said when he first grew his beard, he used an electric shave and a comb, it worked pretty well, he said but it was hard to control the length. The best thing to use is an electric beard trimmer, which is what he uses now.

Electric Beard Trimmers Vs. Rechargeable

There are many different types on the market they usually differ in how they're powered, do they need to be used wet or dry, and how the length is adjusted. My husband uses a rechargeable beard and mustache trimmer, most of them are rechargeable these days. If you get one that needs to be plugged in, you're tied to the outlet, and you can't get it wet. There are also some battery powered ones out there, you just change the battery when it goes dead. My husband the tinkerer took his old rechargeable one apart after the battery wouldn't charge anymore and discovered it used one standard AA rechargeable battery. He just put in a regular one, and uses it for traveling.

Wet or Dry Trimmers

Some trimmers can be used wet or dry, like it was mentioned above, if you use a electric beard trimmer you can't use it wet. That's not such a big deal though, my husband informs me they work much better in a dry beard than a wet one. He says the get clogged up easier if used wet, and the hair sticks to everything. If you're in the shower it would be ok, but he claims they seem to cut cleaner if used on a dry beard. Remember, you're cutting - not shaving, it's two different things.

Trimmer Length Adjustment

Some beard trimmers have clip on beard adjustment attachments, kind of like the hair clippers barbers use. They work just fine, but they can get lost and they don't always have a fine adjustment. Each attachment is about 1/8th of an inch longer than the previous size. The best beard trimmer (and easiest) is one with an adjustable guard. These trimmers have a click wheel you just turn the wheel to make your adjustment. They usually have a number so you can remember which length you last had if you change it.

So now you know the features of different beard and mustache trimmers you can look for one that has the requirements you need. Remington beard trimmers are one of the best selling along with Norelco, but you can find them from Wahl, and Braun. My husband uses a Norelco beard trimmer that he's had for years. A good thing to do is go online to one of the online retailers and look at the ones with the most customer reviews. If all you need is one for a beard you probably won't need all the mustache attachments, a lot of those little accessories seem to get lost, my husband doesn't know where his are anymore. So, get yourself one and stop looking like a grizzly bear.