A beard and moustache trimmer is the best handy tool in maintaining facial hair – something that you could not do when you have in your hand a shaving system. But what's really the difference? A beard and moustache trimmer could just be the best buddy when it comes to keeping some subtle facial hair away from your wife's prying eyes and sensitive touch. And, you know that even a day's growth could make you look like you haven't shaved for a week. So the perfect solution is just to keep a beard and moustache trimmer handy.

But with the brands available both online and in the grooming section, which could be the perfect solution that could sharply clean a day's growth but still keep that subtle hint that your wife loves to see? There are only three specifications and features that you need to look after: value, convenience, and cleanliness. But you know that with a good trimmer comes a hefty price tag. So it is still possible for you to get a good, clean shave without getting cuts and even spending a lot?

Here are some tips on how to look for the perfect beard and moustache trimmer that you wouldn't get tired from using:

Okay, so first in our list is value. But does this mean that you'll just go for some cheap piece to save on a couple of dollars? Not really, as some units are not that expensive but were also designed to have more features than those that come in the same price. So if value is on your priority list, you need to remember: the more features, the better for your budget. Here's a list of the best beard and moustache trimmers that come in the affordable price range.

Philips Norelco. Comes with rechargeable batteries, the Philips Norelco trimmer is designed with a reliable vacuum unit so you don't have to worry about cleaning later. Simply one of the most affordable trimmers in the market, the Philips Norelco comes also in T780 and T980 models, with only $15 in between them. For the additional $15, you get to have a great suction feature that could pick up any strand that could have fallen off the sink.

Andis. Its Wahl 9906-717 Chrome Pro has a great looking, streamlined design that you wouldn't be afraid of showing in the countertop. And my favorite thing about this beard and moustache trimmer: it has a beautiful chrome trim. The downside: cleaning, as this doesn't have the vacuum that Norelco could boot.

Next, let's discuss about convenience. And, you are very familiar with this feature so we could go over this fast. You need something that is comfortable to grip and compact, so you, your hand, and drawer would have no problem holding it. If you stay in bed longer than needed, you would certainly appreciate a cordless beard and moustache trimmer every morning when you're running late.

And, lastly, cleanliness. And, your wife would love you more if you keep her bathroom clean every morning – even after you shaved. Unfortunately, AA battery and a beard and moustache trimmer with vacuum don't mix, so you would have to deal with the rechargeable ones. But given a peaceful morning on your way to work, every penny is worth it.