A bearded dragon is a reptile that originates from Australia and likes to live in sandy and rocky locations. If you are thinking about buying one there are a few very important things that you will need to take into consideration first. If you are thinking about buying more than one, it will be a good Idea to keep the bearded dragons in separate cages, because adult males especially are known to fight for territory and food. If you are going to keep more than one in a cage, it will be wise to provide lots of rocks and branches that the bearded dragons can climb around on.

When choosing bearded dragon cages you will need to make sure that the insides of the cage look as close as the dragons natural habitat as you can. This means that's the insides should resemble a dry desert like environment with plenty of rocks and branches to climb. You should also have drinking water always ready to drink in the cage. A good tip to get your bearded dragons to drink more water, is spraying their food and vegetables lightly with water.

Another important things to look for when choosing a bearded dragon cage is the ground space of the cage, this dimension is much more important than the height of the cage. The best materials for the cages are glass and wood, look for cage materials that will not allow heat to escape from it.

The size of the bearded dragon cage that you are going to buy, will also depend on the size of your dragon. 7 inch hatchlings can live in 10 gallon aquariums. 7 to 12 inch juveniles can live in 20 gallon aquariums and adult bearded dragons can live in enclosures & aquariums of 75 gallons in size. So if you are the owner of a small dragon it may be a good idea to just buy the biggest size that you can, so as your bearded dragon grows, you do not need to keep buying a bigger cage for it too live in. Always remember to stand your bearded dragon cages on a solid and sturdy surface such as a table or stand.