Bearded Dragons are a very popular pet, but they require an living environment that is similar to the one that they live in, in the wild. To create this healthy living environment you will need to buy a bearded dragon vivarium to house this wonderful pet. This reptile can grow up to lengths of approx 15 to 25 inches. So it is highly recommended that you buy a larger vivarium, to give your dragon plenty of space to move around in.

Bearded Dragon VivariumsWere you house the vivarium is also very important, for example you should never house it anywhere, were there will be lots of noise and 24 hr light. This is because it can cause the reptile stress, which can lead to health problems later down the line.

Choosing Bearded Dragon Vivariums

Like we mentioned earlier you should always buy large vivariums, if you are limited for space. Then this reptile is not going to be the pet for you. A good size vivarium should measure at least 4 feet by 2 feet by 2 feet. Some of these vivariums do not come cheap and because of this more and more people are opting to build there own bearded dragon vivariums. The main advantages to this is not only do they save money, but they are able to build custom size vivariums that will fit perfectly in the chosen location that they are planning on housing their dragon.

The downside to this though is you will need some DIY skills and you will need to know were to pick up some cheap materials, so that you can make the vivarium for much cheaper than it would cost to buy it from a pet store retailer.

Other good option for people looking for cheap bearded dragon vivariums is buying second hand from the online auction website eBay. Most of these vivariums are listed at extremely cheap prices and because it is an item that is sturdy and hard wearing they are virtually like brand new even when you buy second hand. Another plus as well is most of these vivariums comes with important accessories such as UV lights and thermostats, that if you buy new are usually sold separately.

One downside to buying off eBay though, is that most second hand vivariums are usually collection in person only auctions, because of the weight and size of the item. This does limit your options slightly, but there are new auctions popping up all the time, so if you are not in an hurry, it may be worth your while waiting for a cheap vivarium to be listed at a location near to you. eBay also sells lots of brand new bearded dragon vivariums, that will post to any location that you choose.

Setting up Bearded Dragon Vivariums

Buying a vivarium is the easy part, you need to know how to create an healthy living environment that will ensure that your bearded dragon lives a long and healthy live. You need to duplicate its natural living habitat as close as you can. This reptile's natural living environment is in the hot Australian desert, this means that they are usually exposed to strong sunlight. It is from this sunlight that they absorb nutrients so that they can lead an healthy live. To duplicate this you will need a UVB light and have it lit for a period of around 12 to 14 hours. To ensure that this happens it will be a wise move to have a timer that operates the switching on and off at the required time periods.

Bearded dragons are cold blooded creatures, so you will need to have branches within the vivarium. That they can climb on to bask near to the heater and climb down from,when they need to cool down. To regulate the temperate within the vivarium you will need a thermostat, that also clearly displays the exact temperature inside.

You should use a subtrate as a flooring inside the vivarium, such as fine play sand. The age of the bearded dragon will also play a major part in choosing the subtrate flooring. It is advised never to use wood chip as a subtrate, this is because it can lead to choking if swallowed and there have been a large number of deaths caused by this.