Bearpaw Kola Fur Boots

You can now buy the Bearpaw Kola Fur Boots on sale for their best ever price online and with savings up to as much as 30% on their original retail price. There are some really good deals to be had on many popular Bearpaw boots such as the Emma, Altai and shearling boots however right now it is the Bearpaw Kola Fur boots that are the boot of choice for many women this winter and for the winter coming too! Trendy women from all over the world were delighted to be informed of the recent price slash as it just goes to show that good things really do come to those who wait!#

The Bearpaw Kola Fur boots are on sale at Amazon for their guaranteed lowest price online. One of the reasons they are so popular has to be due to the nice colours they come in. This includes classic Black along with chestnut, rust and white too. The boots are made from all leather and fur and have a rubber sole and 11 inch shaft. They have a very discreet one inch heel which gives you nice height boost and also a goat fur outer with a pheasant band and wool lined boot shaft. The sheepskin footbed on these boots really adds to the sheer warmth and comfort that many women are enjoying when wearing these.

Another good point about the Bearpaw Kola Fur Boots is there extra durable rubber sole. Obviously these boots will be worn mostly during winter and so conditions will often be wet and slippery however these boots can often be a lifesaver literally as they have tremendous grip. No worrying about slipping over and embarrassing yourself.

Many women who bought the Bearpaw Kola Fur boots have been really pleased and many are really impressed with Bearpaw all around. Originally some would just buy boots from bearpaw as a cheaper alternative to UGGs or other expensive Shearling boots however very soon many people saw just how good quality these boots were on their own and for such low prices many were converted for life! Expect to be impressed by the durability of the boots as many women have reported that there bearpaw boots outlasted their UGG or EMU boots!

As mentioned you can now buy the Bearpaw Kola Fur Boots on sale online and a great place to look first is Amazon. Ordering from there is safe and reliable and they also do a very easy money back policy too.