The Bearpaw comany makes top of the line boots, casual footwear and even slippers. They make them with the top of the line materials and they are made to be both stylish and comfortable.

What impresses me about Bearpaw is that they make many unique styles of winter boots for women.

Women need a boot that is more stylish than a man's boots. Bearpaw just seems to understand this and they have made their niche catering to this fact.  Here are some examples of the winter boots that this company has available.


This boots comes up past the ankle and has natural furs and sheepskin, as well as a sheepskin footbed for added comfort. This boot also has a twin layer so you will be able to breathe in the summer and it will provide warmth in the winter. The Altai comes in 5 colors.

Kaska Rabbit Fur

The Kaska Rabbit Fur Boot comes up to mid calf and is made of rabbit fur and sheep skin. This boot also features a sheepskin footbed and is available in 4 colors.

Bella 8 inch luxury

The Bella features a double face, sheepskin upper as well as sheepskin linings and footbed. It also has a rubber outsole that is lightweight and flexible. the Bella comes in 3 colors.


The Boetis is one of the original "shaggy boots." These boots have curly lamb fur for the entire length of their uppers. They also have a calf skin upper as well as a sheepskin footbed and a rubber outsole. The Boetis comes in 3 colors.

Donner 12 inch Knit

These boots feature a knit upper with a suede band around the top. They have a winterish design and poms for added style. These boots also feature sheepskin lining and sheepskin footbed for added comfort and warmth.  the Donner comes in 2 colors.

Camden 14 i

These 14 inch tall suede leather boots are both rustic looking and warm. They also have a sheepskin lining as well as a sheepskin footbed and rubber outsoles. The Camden is available in 3 colors.

Woodbury Loden

These boots look sharp. They have suede uppers with sheepskin-fur trimming. the sheepskin in these boots is a little different. These boots are actually designed to be worn without socks. They are approximately 12 inches tall and are available in 4 colors.

Abigail 8 inch

These 8 inch boots feature a smooth suede upper and a sheepskin lining and footbed. They also have a rubber outsole for lightweight and durability. The Abigail is available in 7 colors.

Demi 2

The Demi 2 is different due to the fact that they are a little shorter than the other boots that Bearpaw has available. These also have suede uppers with sheepskin lining and footbeds. They also have rubber outsoles. The Demi 2 is available in 3 colors.

Bearpaw has many, many more models available to women. These boots truly are made of the highest quality materials and will keep you warm while making you look good as well.