Overcoming Depression with These Simple Techniques

Become Happy Today

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Today is the day of change.  It is the day you finally make a break towards a new life and more importantly, a new YOU. Coming across this article wasn’t a coincidence, it was for a reason.  The reason is because you are sick and tired of being depressed and really do want a way out.  I’ve been there and I’m living proof that I’ve found the door and opened it.  You can too, and here are a few steps that I’ve taken in starting my new life.



It seems people can never truly admit they are depressed.  Acknowledging you’re depressed and then sharing it with someone else is a huge step in the battle.  For some reason people think depression is a sign of weakness, a sign that they are not strong enough.  I consider that to be a huge misconception.  Everyone faces struggles in their lives and sometimes, things that they would never have imagined, become too much to bear.  Once we are beaten down and have reached rock bottom, it is hard to see the light.  But today you’ve encountered this light.  You took a step, and acknowledged, “I am depressed”.


Do It for Them

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The old cliché “do it for you”, is completely overrated.  As much as humans like to be selfish, truth is, everyone thrives off their unselfish acts.  Don't just get better for yourself, do it for what motivates you: your kids, your spouse, your girlfriend/boyfriend.  If you still can't find something that motivates you, than do it for the fact that you will be able to help others by showing you can beat depression.  There is always something in your life that can be found to be an external motivator.  Find it and let it push you.


Seek Help

Give yourself credit, you’ve just admitted you had a problem.  It may seem like you’re attending a session at AA, but depression is a problem.  You stood up, shared your secret with people about your depression, sought out the reasons why you want to get better, and now it’s time to face another step.  This doesn't mean seeking medical help, but don't be afraid to travel that route if it helps you control your depression.  Assisted medical treatment could be a great way to build yourself back up to the greatness that is within.  

 If you have followed those three steps:  Acknowledgement, doing it for someone else, and you’ve sought help, then these 3 simple tools can really help to maximize your mood.


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1.  Take charge of your diet.  By eating healthy, this will greatly improve your mood. The physical benefits alone will also boost your confidence and will help give you a sense of purpose.  Plus eating healthy will put more energy back into your life and will never leave you feeling run down.

2.  Run.  Running isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but give it a chance!  You would be surprised of all of the positive benefits running has to offer!  Exercise. Get active!.  By getting active, this will allow your heart rate to increase and get your blood flowing.  As little as 10mins of exercise daily is shown to boost your mood and alleviate symptoms of depression.  Nobody has ever exercised and said “That workout made me feel sad.”  Don’t feel defeated or overwhelmed, just go out and do it!


  3.  Wake up with purpose.  Have a plan.  Write down what you are grateful for, your goals, and your plans for the day that will make it great.  Take that one small step to happiness that you wouldn't have done the day before.  

 I will leave you with a quote from someone very special to me, “The one main thing bringing you down, does not have the right to affect your outlook and enjoyment of everything else that is good in your life.”

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