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As the nights draw in and the temperature drops in the evenings, we are all considering what kind of winter we’re going to get. It won’t be long before all of our summer clothes are once again banished to the back of our closets or the bottom of our drawers. Remember that tight fitting t-shirt that you bought because you thought that it would accentuate your biceps, or that short skirt that almost gave away your secret? Forget about them for a while. Soon you’ll be wrapped up in so many layers that you’ll look like the Michelin Man. You’re going to need some new threads and some more protection from the elements. Here are five things that you won’t be able to do without this winter.



 If you’re anything like me, then you probably own a few coats already, but it is probably time to invest in a new one. The winters of recent times have reminded me that I hate those chilly drafts that creep in around the neck and the lower back. I’ve bought a nice stylish coat with a high collar and a long tail. You might think that such design features are obvious, but I did have a bomber jacket one year that made me suffer. The same goes for starter jackets and soft shells. I won’t be going out in the cold in one of those again. I also have double protection on my new coat around the zipper area. An outer and an inner zipper or a double set of buttons will help to keep the wind out. My core temperature should be just fine this year.


My job means that I have to keep my hair short, and in the summer, that’s fine and dandy. When the cold gets to me I struggle, so I’ve gone and checked out some new hats. I’d love to be as cool as Samuel L. Jackson and wear one of those Kangol hats the wrong way around, but I’m not in his league. They won’t do the job in the really cold weather either, so I’ve opted for a traditional beanie. The beauty of beanies is that they are relatively cheap so I can buy a couple. There are also reversible ones for those of us that like to coordinate. My head is going to be just fine, and seeing as how I’ve gone for my favorite sports team with the design, I’m going to look good too.



When it comes to gloves, I’ve learned to be a little bit careful. The only time that I’ve had a pair of gloves that truly keep my hands warm was when I bought a snowboarding pair. They cost me a fortune, and I lost them soon after buying them, so now I just go for a mid range pair. My hands are nowhere near as snug as they could be, but the balance is better. I lose gloves all the time, so I figure that I don’t need to spend my life savings every few weeks. Everyone is different though, so choose wisely.


During the summer, I like to wear loose fitting slacks or jeans. I absolutely hate skinny jeans so I’ll be really happy next year when they’re no longer the vogue. In the winter, I like to get thicker and harder wearing pants in order to keep me cosy. Now pants are pants, so as long as they’re made of a thick material, you’ll be just fine.



Finally we come to footwear. Some time ago, khaki boots were in fashion for some of us, and while many of us have opted to ditch them for the latest thing, I still tend to go for a nice thick boot when the cold gets really cold. The benefits of wearing a boot are many. You’re going to have a nice tough outer layer that keeps a great deal of the cold out and modern designs have Gore Tex inners that’ll keep your feet nice and dry. You’ll also get good grip from a boot for when it’s wet or icy. Sure, there are other types of winter shoe, but nothing beats a high end boot.


So, that’s my winter list. I just thought that I’d share it with you guys; just in case you were sitting at home and wondering how you were ever going survive the elements. I’m prepared for the worst and I’m going to look good too. Now it’s your turn to hit the shops.

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