Cold and flu season is upon us. Sneezing coworkers, coughing public transport passengers – it’s time to prepare for the worst. Reality is, you are very likely to catch a cold, but don’t worry, here are three essential oils that will get you through the worst of it, and potentially prevent it all together.

1. Eucalyptus Pure Essential Oil

     Everytime a family member has a cough, sinus congestion, or any form of infection affecting the lungs or sinuses, we rub the lotion on affected areas every 2-4 hours. The results have been remarkable. Most recently, my mother had severe bronchitis. She credits me for saving her life by using the same preparation listed below. As always, you should still seek a doctor if you are experiencing an infection of any kind. Just be sure to use the eucalyptus and spearmint preparation in conjunction with the doctor’s regimen of pharmaceuticals.

The preparation:

       In a 4oz container, fill halfway with a body moisturizer lotion. Add 8-10 drops of eucalyptus pure essential oil and spearmint pure essential oil. Fill the remainder of the container with the same lotion and stir with a finger or popsicle stick. Be sure to spread the oil throughout the lotion to ensure an adequate level.

Warning: Adding too much of either spearmint or eucalyptus can cause a burning sensation. Be sure to not overdo the pure essential oil. But don’t worry, if it does happen just wash the area with soap and water and use less drops of each oil for your next

Extra use: A warm washcloth with 4 drops of both eucalyptus and spearmint can be a wonderful way to wake up on a low energy day. After dampening the cloth, fold it in half and put the 4 drops of each oil spread out onto the cloth. Fold it again, run it under hot water, and twist out excess water. Unwrap, and drape it over the face of your loved one.

Keep the water from dripping into their/your eyes!

2.     Tea Tree Pure Essential Oil:

Tea tree can be used for fungal infections of nails, acne, and any kind of unwanted skin rashes or infections, as well as a great decongestant.

No one likes to wake up in the morning with a pimple staring back at them when they look into the mirror. Even more disturbing is the appearance of fungus on finger and toe nails. Tea tree oil can be used to eliminate these unwanted visitors and if used regularly, prevent their return.

 The Preparation:

For skin rashes, acne, and other skin infections:

Add 20 drops to a fash-wash cream and use as normal. Shake or stir, depending on the container. For spot acne treatments, place a drop of tea tree oil onto your finger tip and rub it on the affected area.

As a decongestant:

 Use the same wash cloth method above used for the eucalyptus wake up. Use 10 drops of tea tree instead of the spearmint & eucalyptus. Try not to get creative though, mixing too many essential oils can cause negative side effects like burning sensations.  Rub the towel on your neck to help drain the mucus from your sinuses. The best locations are on the back of your neck on each side of your veterbrae, and in the front on either side of your throat.

 For fungal infections, place 1 or 2 drops on the nail and rub it in around and under the nail-bed. Be sure to hit under the nail where the fungus is! Do this in the morning and before bed.


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3.     Spearmint Pure Essential Oil:

Spearmint is mentioned in many old texts including the Holy Bible as a help for relieving the pain associated with headaches. Here are many uses for spearmint that can help change your everyday life.

 For people who suffer from chronic sinus congestion, a spearmint lotion rubbed on the sides of the nose, above and under the eyebrows, on the back of the neck, and the sides of throat can be an extreme help in relieving congestion and sinus pressure headaches. The smell of spearmint alone can help relieve congestion.

Spearmint, used in conjunction with eucalyptus (as mentioned above), can be a literal life-saver in healing from respiratory infections. Be sure to apply the lotion thoroughly.

The Preparation:

In a 4 oz container, fill have way with either an unscented oil or lotion. Add 10 drops of spearmint pure essential oil and fill the remainder of the bottle up with the oil or lotion. Stir aggressively with a popsicle stick or your finger to ensure the oil mixes thoroughly. 

OR:  boil a pot of 2 cups of distilled water on the stove. Add 30 drops of spearmint upon boiling and inhale the vapors. This will help to loosen mucus congestion in the sinuses, lungs, and other areas.

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