Trina McNeil, the mother of the 14-year-old Northern High School student, was very upset as she watched a video of the beating of her son on Facebook. This occurred on January 27 on the west side of Flint, Michigan.   In fact, that would be a mother’s worst nightmare.   No one wants to see his or her child get hurt.  It is not a good feeling.   It is a feeling of helplessness.  McNeil stated, “She was angry and shocked over the assault.”   What mother would not have been?

The 14-year-old was able to name his assailants.  According to neighborhood, the assault rate in Flint, Michigan is up to 1,608.    Why are teens assaulting other teens and then having the nerve to place it on Facebook?  Do the assailants think that they are above the law?   Are the assailants even thinking before taking actions?   Apparently, they are not.   Did it ever occur to the assailants by posting it on Facebook, it was almost the same as saying, “Yeah, I did it.”   “What are you going to do about it?”   Thank goodness, for the Good Samaritan that allowed the 14-year-old to get in her car to safety, until contacting his mother.   What if the Good Samaritan had never came.   The boy had a swollen eye because of the beating.   If the Good Samaritan had never come, how much more damages would the 14-year-old have received.   

With the new technology it is great that things are instantly recorded on cell phones and iPods, but when you start recording fighting and thinking it is okay to post on Facebook, that has gone just a bit too far.   The recordings will definitely let the police know the key players in the fight.   They will not have to guess and wonder.

Unfortunately, there are many recorded fights online. Some are on you tube, the news, and blogs as well.   Although, this incident did not happen on school property, Trina McNeil is looking for answers.   The Northern School Liaison Officer is looking into this matter.  

When these fights are on you tube  postings, people are making money off them.  Sadly, the more hit’s the more money.   Is Facebook another avenue to attract others to you tube videos for more profit?  Possibly the profit and the ego boasting are going hand in hand.  

Are teens so angry, they fight and leash out with others to release their frustrations? 

What are your thoughts on this?