Beating opiate addiction is a process like anything else. You have to start out with a clear decision to do something about your problem and then you have to take real action. This means that if you are just sitting around, wishing that it would be nice if your life was different and that you were not hooked on drugs, then this is not going to produce meaningful results for you. If this is the extent of your motivation then you will stay trapped in the cycle of addiction.

One thing that is highly recommended for those who seek to overcome opiate addiction is to ask for help. This is a necessary step for almost any addict because most of us cannot do it on our own. If we could stop using drugs on our own then we would not really be addicted, would we? So the need to ask for help sort of defines addiction in the first place.

Another key point about asking for help has to do with the idea of willingness. Those who refuse to ask for help are probably not yet at the level of surrender that is necessary to be successful in recovery anyway. In other words, the addict is still clinging to the need for control, or they are still trying to figure out how to beat addiction on their own. If this is the case then it does not really matter what kind of treatment they receive, as they are not finished using drugs yet.

The actual substance being used does not matter much either when it comes to treatment. Whether you are hooked on heroin or suffering from hydrocodone addiction does not really matter much. What is important is the decision to get clean and sober and the level of follow through on that decision.

If you are ready to make this decision then you should consider going to treatment. Going to an inpatient drug rehab is generally the best option for most people, though it can be pretty expensive in some cases. If you do not have Medicaid or insurance then you will likely have to pay cash.

Rehab is a good choice for several reasons. One, it protects you from the environment that you were using drugs in and gives you a chance to get clean. Second, it is medically supervised so you will have a safe detox. Third, your withdrawal symptoms will be treated with medication so you will be more comfortable this way. And forth, there will be a lot of support in rehab from both peers and therapists. There will probably be lots of groups, therapy, and meetings that will help you to overcome opiate addiction.