Kanye Wests Beatmaking Secrets

How he does it and how you can do it too.

Beatmaking with Kanye West : Super-producer. Prolific hit maker. Master of brilliant beats and amazing lyrics.

How does he do it?

Is he blessed with a brilliant gift that means he can't help but create brilliant music every time he sits down to compose? No, I don't think so.

I don't know Kanye, so unfortunately I am not able to call him up and ask him about the secret to his success. How we was able to create 5 solo albums that all went platinum.

But my educated guess is that it comes down to hard work. The old cliché that "success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration" most likely applies to Kanye West. He is passionate about his profession and it is easy to see how this passion would drive him to the heights he has reached today.

If you have listened to many of his albums, you will often hear Kanye himself speaking over some beats in a narrative style. He likes to tell a story at these times and relate his memories of growing up and progressing through the music industry.

On the early albums, he often recalls growing up with his mother and trying to make a profession of his producing work, whilst dealing with multiple rejections and lack of progress at almost every turn. He talks of leaving his rental apartment because he was running out of money to pay the rent. He talks of sleepless night as he tried to get these tracks just right.

In short, the man worked very hard to get where he is. 

And from all reports he still does work very hard. If you read the back story to any of his recent albums you can see that he still dedicates himself fully to his work. Most recently going into self-imposed exile on Hawaii to create "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy", and spending $3 million on the album.

Kanye's beatmaking style is classed as collaborative today. Given that he is a huge star, it is no problem for him to have access to all types of musicians. He is reported to involve session musicians (be they stars like Jay-Z or not) heavily in the music-making process and seek their opinions on his work as he is creating.

All I know is that I can't wait for the next album!