Beautiful BC Cabins

Tips for New BC Cabin Dwellers

Most Canadians will agree that the weather in British Columbia can be pretty spectacular. Add to that the expansive coastline, majestic forests and towering mountains and what you’ve got is absolutely perfect cottage country. Is it any wonder that having BC cabins is so popular?

Whether you own or rent one, your cottage is a retreat from the world where you can hike, fish, boat, and roast marshmallows to your heart’s content. Any time of year is a great time to pack the car, and drive up with your family to enjoy nature and spend some real time together.


When the Snow is falling, and it feels like a million below, your first thought might not be getting out into nature – but you’d be missing out if you didn’t. Winter is a wonderful time to use your cabin (provided it’s weather-proofed!) as a base of operations for snowshoeing, skiing, snowmobiling, and for the very adventurous – ice fishing!


Bring a good pair of rubber boots, because it might get muddy when you go hiking in the spring. It will be well worth a little dirt, though, to see all of the new life shooting up out of the ground, and if you’re lucky, get a glimpse of a baby fawn or rabbit. It’s something your little ones (if you have them) will remember forever. 


Summer is classic cottaging season. Many of us have fond memories of the family gathering out at the cabin, barbequing dinner and seeing if that old row-boat still floats. If you’re normally a city-dweller, you’ll find yourself pining for the clean mountain air every summer, and finding as many excuses for long weekends as you can to get out and enjoy it!


In all honesty, you’ll be hard pressed to find a 10-15 year old truly interested in foliage, but if you have children that are younger or older, or are on a romantic getaway with your spouse, fall in the BC interior is a thing of beauty. The riot of colour, the crispness in the air, and, best of all – no mud on your hike!

BC cabins come in all shapes, sizes and varieties. Some are fully-equipped, state-of-the-art, complete with running water and electricity mansions, while others are more on the rustic side; what you choose depends on how much you think you’ll use the cabin, what you’re willing to spend on it, and what you’re looking for as a weekend getaway.

There are also different options in terms of neighbours. Many people prefer a cabin that is largely isolated, so they can really “get away” from normal life. Others prefer to have neighbours nearby, or at least not too far away. As with any other type of home purchase or rental, you need to consider carefully your wants and needs before making a decision. Renting for a few years in different locations is strongly recommended.

There are several options for the acquisition of a BC Cabin – you can buy your own (at a generally reasonable price!) or you can rent by the week, month or year. There is also the option of time-sharing with friends, family or strangers.

There is no excuse not to get out and enjoy the BC wilderness, so if you’re thinking about a summer home or rental, I strongly urge you to consider British Columbia!