Beautiful Big Thighs: Just An Illusion?

Beautiful big thighs are definitely not an illusion according to some men. Others think that large thighs are hideous, and would never be able to say that they were attractive. I think that it is very much a case of each to their own. I would say that large thighs on their own can definitely be beautiful, whereas if the large thighs are just one large part of a very large body, I think that there are very few people in the world that would honestly say that they find them beautiful.

As with all things it is all a matter of scale. The term beautiful big thighs can mean different things to different people. If we are talking about a very large thigh, I would tend to call it something else, but not beautiful, whereas if it was just larger than the average then it might well be described as beautiful. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and people should be happy with the way they look, so my opinion does not actually count for anything. I am just one person who thinks the way I do, but there are probably millions of people who would strongly disagree with my views.


What if You Have Fat Knees And Thighs: Need To Go On A Diet?

If you have fat knees and thighs but are not experiencing fat anywhere else on the body, then a diet won't help you. If this is true of you, and you are a perfectly normal weight everywhere else on the body apart from your knees and thighs, then you will need to focus on exercised that are targeted to this area. There is no specific diet out there that solely aims to remove fat from the knees and thighs. You may just be unfortunate and be susceptible to fat forming in these areas.

Having fat knees and thighs is not an easy problem to eliminate. Try looking online for exercises especially for this reason or go to your local gym, sign up and ask your trainer for some tailored advice on what you need to do to remove this fat. Walking of course is always a good exercise to get the legs moving, and it is good for the overall health of your body and fitness. Walk everywhere you can, and try to get involved in any activities that utilize the legs. Tennis, badminton and swimming are all good ways of exercising the legs and they are fun activities that can be enjoyed with friends of family.

Long Thighs Short Calves: Freak Of Nature?

If you are thinking that just because you have long thighs short calves, that you are a freak of nature, than all I can say to you is, get real! Everybody in this world is born different in some way, which is what makes us individual and unique. If you spend our whole lives obsessing over our body shapes and type then all you are doing is hurting yourself. This sort of negative attitude will reflect outwardly and will only draw attention to your flaws.

The best advice I can give to you is to learn to love yourself! Don't look in the mirror everyday and focus on what you don't like about your body, like long thighs short calves, focus on what your best assets are as this is a much healthier an positive outlook to adopt. You are sure to have other beautiful parts of your figure of body that you could focus on instead, like nice breasts, a lovely waist or perhaps a curvy overall figure. Whatever your best asset is, figure it out and flaunt it. This way nobody will be looking at your long thighs and short legs! And finally, if anybody ever calls you a freak of nature, then remember they are just insecure about their own looks or body!


Exercises To Reduce Fat From Thighs: Do They Acutally Work?

There are many exercises to reduce fat from thighs available and they do actually work for many people. The most important thing to do is to identify what thigh exercises are most effective for you and your body, as everybody works differently and what works for someone else might not necessarily work for you. That is why it is very important to experiment with different exercises and once you start seeing results you can create and tailor a plan especially designed for you.

Some of the best exercises to reduce fat from thighs are as follows; the use of an exercise ball, carrying out circular motions with your leg in the air and using dumbbells whilst doing lunges. All of these exercises will drastically reduce fat from your thighs with a little bit of hard work and determination. There are plenty of other exercises worth trying and you can find examples, in exercise books at your local library or book shop, look online for ideas on health related websites or you can ask for advice from your local gym. A lot of people will put down exercises that are aimed solely at the thighs and they will claim that they don't work and they are pointless, but this is simply not true. You just have to find what exercises work for you!

large female thighs: Something to be Ashamed of?


Many women have large thighs. There are many causes of large thighs, some which are preventable, and some which are not. On the preventable side are lack of exercise and poor diet. Sometimes having a desk job can be to blame for the effects it can have on our figures. While this can be a preventable cause, the need to take a desk job is not.

We need to be able to make enough money to support our families, and sometimes turning down certain jobs is just not an option. On the regrettably not preventable side are genetics. Sometimes we have no control over what our bodies do no matter how we try.

Are these reasons to make woman self-conscious or ashamed of her thighs? Absolutely not! The concept of inner beauty is not dead, even though chivalry may be. No woman should be judged solely upon her looks. A woman is much more than that, and anyone who judges her for her looks alone does not deserve the privilege of knowing her.

A woman with large thighs should still be proud of herself and of her accomplishments. Her own confidence and poise will make her far more attractive than her looks ever would.