Best Flowers for Mother's Day

Your choice of flowers for Mother's Day will be an easy process if you avoid shopping among hundreds of varieties to find something that she'll like. When Mother's day rolls around, why not pick up some beautiful and classic flowers that Mom will love. You can give many things to Mom on her special day, but there is something about the great classic flowers that seems for be just right every time.

When you are in doubt, come back to the classics. They are superstars every time.

Roses for Mother's Day
Credit: ruurmo via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

Roses on Mother's Day

Is there anything more traditional and well-loved than a bouquet of roses? Red roses are the first choice in classic flowers and, while you might associate them more with Valentine's Day, they are a great choice for Mother's Day as well. If you want to move away from red, yellow and white are very popular choices. Yellow roses are happy and bright and will light up the room. They are perfect for spring when other yellows like daffodils are present. White roses are a bit more formal and elegant. Both will do nicely.

Tulips for Mother's Day
Credit: acameronhuff via Flickr, CC BY 2.0

Tulips are Abundant in Spring

Mother's Day is smack dab in the middle of spring in most parts, and that means that tulips are in full bloom. There is perhaps no better seasonal flower for Mom to enjoy on her special day than a bunch of colorful tulips. Available in a huge variety of colors you are sure to find something pleasing. In addition to their beauty and awesome color, the great thing about tulips is that they will last for a while in a vase, so the enjoyment will last for a while. There are two ways to go with tulips. One is to pick a color and go big. The other is to mix colors and paint your own picture. They are beautiful either way.

Try the Soft Colors of Carnations

Speaking of spring, pastel colors also go together with the season and carnations offer soft colors like yellow and pink. Since they are typically cheaper than roses, carnations are both a beautiful, classic, and less expensive choice for Mother's Day. They also last for a reasonable time and everyone likes them. A vase of carnations is literally covered with color, which will add beauty and fragrance to any room.

Long Lasting Mother's Day Flower

Sometimes you want to give a flower that lasts, and when it comes to flowers for inside the home, an orchid is a really neat choice. With a little care a blooming orchid can last for many weeks, offering beauty for a very long time. Varieties vary greatly locally, so get out there and see what's available. The nice thing about orchids is that they are pretty easy to keep, fit in a small pot and placed up high if needed, so it is easy to find a nice spot for them.

Flowers That Last All Summer

To get flowers that last for weeks, potted annuals are another neat idea, especially if Mom lives somewhere that will be frost-free by Mother's Day. Even better, let the kids start the plants from seed or pot them up for Mom to put a bit of skin into the game. Any of the classic garden flowers like petunia, geranium, zinnia, or marigold would be lovely. After Mom enjoys these beauties on Mother's Day she can put them out and enjoy an abundance of color all summer. This one works great of the kids are looking for a project in the spring, and Mom will love that they planted the flowers themselves.

Keep Mother's Day Classic

Sure, you can shop for trendy or wild flowers around Mother's Day, but it would be easier to stick with the classics. They are easy to find, beautiful, and delightful to mom's every time. This year, when you are searching for some colorful and fragrant flowers for Mother's Day, keep it simple. Choose one of these beautiful classic flowers for Mother's Day.