It can be hard to find the right words to express yourself when talking to a beautiful girl on a romantic night. Your palms are sweaty and your heart starts to beat quicker until you tongue gets tied in knots and your brain can’t string 3 words together. This might not be the best time to come up with something poetic and beautiful to say to her. Instead, here are some tips and examples for expressing your true feelings and turning them into something charming to whisper to her later.

Below you will find tips for expressing your thoughts and feelings in a sweet way. Also, further down are some examples of beautiful things to say.

Tell Her About a Time You Were Together

Think about a time you were with her or saw her in public. Tell her about what you thought when you saw her. Maybe the sun made her hair glow or she tossed her hair back and you saw her smile. Tell her how great she looked and maybe add some dramatic flair. Pick out a piece of clothing or jewellery she was wearing and tell her how great it looked on her when you remember back to that event. Many girls are quite self-conscious about their appearance and put a lot of effort in to looking good and picking great outfits. Adding a compliment into your story, rather than outright telling her, “I like your shoes.” will come off even better. It will also show that you were paying attention to her and that is a plus.

Ex. “Last week when I saw you get off the bus and you put your hair behind your ear and smiled at me I thought you were the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen.”

“I remember seeing you at the first football game I went to. You were wearing your green school shirt like most of the other people, but then the sun shone through the clouds and lit up your face and everything else stopped for a moment.”

The Only Girl
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Tell Her How She is Special To You

The most beautiful things are spoken from the heart to someone you care about. Try taking note of things she does that you really appreciate or enjoy. Take some time to thank her if she does something unexpectedly nice, or even something which she normally does that you appreciate. Mention it a little bit after it happens and some time has passed so that she knows that you noticed what she’s done and it had some meaning for you, it is polite to say thank you right away when someone does something for you, but it is more meaningful to bring it up again after the fact.

Ex. “Thanks for taking care of me, there aren’t enough hours in the day for me to tell you how wonderful you are.”

“You really mean everything to me. You’re my best friend and the person I know I can count on. You are my everything and the love of my life.”

Get Her Smiling
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Be a Little Over the Top

Sometimes making a bit of a fool of yourself can help you bring out the beauty of your words. You don’t want to be silly and ruin the moment but by being a little bit over the top with what you say you can drive home a point and come off really romantic.

Ex. If you give her a present, say a piece of jewellery. “I thought of you when I saw this because the only place for something so beautiful is around the neck of a girl as beautiful as you.”

“Last night I prayed for an angel to watch over you while you slept, but then I realized that I was being silly. After all, angels don’t watch over other angels.”

What To Do Now

Now that you have some ideas you can come up with your own personalized and meaningful things to say to the girl you like. Remember to try to let out your emotions in what you say and hopefully she will see the sincerity in your words. Good luck!