Wedding Centerpiece

When it comes to planning a wedding on a budget, brides and grooms are looking for ways to pinch pennies. They can create beautiful do-it-yourself wedding centerpieces on a budget and still communicate elegance and style without breaking the bank.

Planning a Wedding on a Budget

Wedding couples should consider a variety of options. Cheap wedding decoration ideas can not only be trendy, but they need not look cheap. For the bride looking for less expensive wedding decor, she should realize that she does have a number of alternatives. With a bit of ingenuity and a little help from her friends, she'll discover many wedding centerpieces on a budget that possess charm and style.

DIY Wedding Centerpieces

Wedding ideas on a budget often incorporate balloons, as do more expensive weddings. Latex balloons, approximately 11", are available at party and prom supply stores. Both clear and pearlized white ones make stunning centerpieces when stuffed them ahead of time about 1/3 full of shredded paper. Do-it-yourselfers can set them in clear plastic containers such as those used under flower pots to protect furniture surfaces. These plastic dishes make ideal bases for these balloons to rest upon once they are inflated. Fancy bows, tied around the balloon's nipple, can make use of curly ribbon bows or any lovely ribbon that matches the wedding color scheme. Instead of purchased shredded paper, why not run colored paper through a paper shredder and save even more? If a bride plans well ahead of time, she can accumulate enough small punched paper circles from hole punchers at the office to provide free wedding confetti.

Inexpensive glass vases, when filled with water, provide elegant containers in which to float candles. The vases themselves can be filled with fruit or fruit slices, leaves, ivy or flower petals beneath the candle line. Ribbons, too, can be artfully tied around the vases.

Cheap Wedding Decor Ideas

Wide, flat ribbon laid down or across a tablecloth is stunning when topped with small votive candles or vases containing tea lights. Taller candles or vases containing one, two or three flowers in season add traditional beauty and elegance.

Wise is the bride who selects flowers in season that have huge blooms for her centerpieces, getting more bang for her buck. Sunflowers, hydrangeas and chrysanthemums are excellent choices as are blooms from friends' gardens. Flowers need not keep high-priced floral stores well above their profit margins.

Small Touches Add Tasteful Elegance with Cheap Wedding Decoration Ideas

In keeping with ribbon curls and tea lights or small votive candles, rose petals, fresh or silk, strewn along the length of the table, add beauty and simplicity that puts the focus upon conversation rather than overwhelming and costly centerpieces. A well-designed, heart-felt music photographs and wedding slide show music will provide small touches that create huge memories for wedding guests and the bridal party.

Planning a wedding on a budget need not add additional stress for the new bride and groom. Wedding and honeymoon expenses add up in a hurry, but the bridal couple who want to reserve their pennies need not sacrifice beauty and style if they opt to try a few cheap wedding decoration ideas. Budget wedding centerpieces are the perfect place to save money and still have the stylish wedding reception of their dreams.