Do you struggle to come up with original gift ideas for your friends and family? Tired of wrapping up the same old candles, picture frames, and gift cards every time a special occasion rolls around? Why not combine a number of smaller items to create a lovely, and often very practical surprise for your loved ones. Many Dollar Stores carry a decent range of inexpensive items, decorations, and candies that can help bulk up gift baskets. Another important tip is to watch for items on sale that you could build a themed basket around. The beauty of a gift basket is that it can be built to suit, and can even accommodate his and hers tastes and interests into one couples gift. Why limit yourself to just birthday or Christmas baskets? Don't forget about weddings and graduations. Here are a few baskets that are sure to please the person who has everything!

Movie Themed Basket

This is a great idea that can suit just about anyone's taste. Compile your gift in a large bowl or popcorn bucket, stuffed with tissue paper. Start with the movie itself. Many video stores offer good deals on classic movies ("2 for" deals). Or, if your special someone prefers the movie theatre experience, purchase gift certificates as the main component of your gift. Surround this with movie favourites like popcorn, Junior Mints, and liquorice. A nice addition might also be a book of the Top 100 Movies, or the recipients' favourite actor.

Camping Themed Basket

Start with an inexpensive Styrofoam cooler or cooler bag. Fill it with small, packable camp pillows or a durable blanket. Add a solar powered flashlight, or a book containing popular campsites in your area. Finish with citronella candles, bug spray and a deck of cards. Don't forget to include a bag of marshmallows, a chocolate bar, and some graham crackers for yummy smores!

Sweet Treats Themed Basket

Do you know someone with an extreme sweet tooth, but who lacks the skills (or time) to bake for themselves? Why not create an edible gift in which they can indulge! Start with a large platter or cookie jar. Bake a batch of sugar cookies using your favourite recipe. Do not ice or decorate the cookies though. This will be the recipients' job. Along with the cookies, include a variety of prepared icing tubes available at your grocery store. Another must have is sprinkles, in a range of flavours and shapes. A small offset spatula is a nice touch too. Make sure to include your cookie recipe so your friends can take a crack at it next time.

Don't forget to finish off your gift with attractive wrappings and bows. Cellophane is often a nice choice as it can usually surround the larger and more awkwardly shaped gifts. Tie with a brightly coloured ribbon, and voila! A custom crafted gift for your loved one. Stay tuned for more ideas...