It’s a little oxymoronic, isn’t it? If you’re actually singing the blues on your wedding day, you might want to think twice about walking down that aisle. But if you just want make the most popular color of the rainbow part of your wedding palette, here are a few ways to use the blues brilliantly, and remember—everyone loves a “bluish” wedding!

Blue Bouquets

The beauty of blue is that it has a multitude of shades that complement a multitude of colors. Most, but not all, shades of blue trigger chemicals in the body that have a calm, relaxing effect. Blue is also symbolic of steadfastness, dependability, wisdom and loyalty—important attributes for a couple starting their lives together. Let’s take a look at how easy it is to work with a blue color palette. Is the blue palette we’re suggesting perfect? Perhaps for some brides, but you’ll definitely want to scope out all the blues before you choose!

Create a Sensation with Your Invitation!

Blue is the color of the sky and the sea, giving it the power to work magnificently with a wedding in any season. Imagine using ice blue, silver and white for a winter wedding! Just as stunning is a rich, deep blue for your destination wedding on the shore of a sunlit tropical beach. Give your wedding guests a hint of what’s to come with wedding invitations that match the shade of blue you’ve made part of your wedding palette.

Blue invitation

A Touch of Blue for You!

Let a light breeze of blue walk with you down the aisle with a gorgeous white wedding gown accented by blue trim from the strapless top to the train. There’s no dearth of wedding dresses that incorporate blues of all shades. Find the style that makes you feel like a star from head to toe. You’ll know it the moment you look in the mirror.

Blue Gown

Bridesmaids in Blue, Too!

It’s just as easy to find bridesmaids dresses in every shade of blue imaginable. To add a little pizzazz and pop to typical bridesmaid attire, just give your attendants a swatch of the color you want them to match and let them choose their own bridesmaid dress. Of course, you can put some parameters on it, like floor-length or knee-length, etc.  Another option? Have them all wear the same style dress in different shades of blue, but make sure they all complement your dress and the other blue wedding décor.

Blue Bridesmaids

Next Stop--Blue Tabletop!

Linens and napkins, chair covers, dinnerware and glassware and, of course, centerpieces can be flawlessly accented with your specific shade of blue. If you’re working with a wedding planner or a caterer who provides tabletop, ask them to show you your options for coordinating the wedding color scheme you’ve got your heart set on.

Blue Tabletop TooBlue Tabletop

Much more than just memory-making thank-you gifts for your guests, blue wedding favors have the ability to add heartwarming impact to your reception table décor. All you need to decide is whether you want your wedding favors to be elegant, edible, whimsical or practical. With your gown and everything surrounding you on your once-in-a-lifetime day, you’ve taken care of an absolute wedding essential—something blue!

Blue Favors