In the desert, homeowners often overlook the benefits of landscape lighting. Even during dark desert nights, landscape lighting can make an Arizona landscape design look beautiful and inviting. With the right combination of lights your landscape designs will be gorgeous 24/7.

Landscape lighting is perfect for Arizona landscape designs because they tend to have many interesting forms that look beautiful when lit at night. Desert nights can also be pretty dark so landscape lighting is a good way to make your home standout in the darkness. Surprisingly, many homeowners do not really know how to utilize landscape lighting. So to begin, you should imagine that you are painting a night portrait of your desert landscape design. There will be focal points and other general areas of illumination.

With the proper lighting, you can highlight prominent forms and textures in both your plants and in any architectural elements that you have in your landscape. There are three main lighting techniques that you can use to illuminate your desert landscape design: backlighting, uplighting, and downlighting. These lighting techniques allow you to focus light on various objects in your landscape in different ways. If you want light pointed up at a gorgeous cactus, a backlight or silhouette affect behind your aloe vera plants, or the "moonlight" affect of downlight over your desert perennials, all you have to do is buy the right lights.

There are many common garden lights that you can use in an Arizona landscape design. There are also some modern options that really add a chic touch to landscapes. One of the most common lights is the wash light. It generates a wide spread light and is great for backlighting or silhouetting. You can also place this type of light at the base of trees, walls, or any other element you want to highlight, and it will cascade across the surface and accent the form or texture of the object. Another common light is the bullet. These can be used for uplighting or downlighting because they can be placed on the ground with plant beds or they can be mounted to a wall, post, or just about any type of surface.

Two great modern landscape lighting options are moonlight globes and glowing flower pots. Both add a contemporary touch to Arizona landscape designs. Glowing flower pots are becoming rapidly popular. There are even some pots that change colors throughout the evening which creates a pretty brilliant light show. Moonlight globes add a sculptural element to landscape designs. They can be placed in garden beds or out in open areas of your landscape. These lights add interest and wonder to landscapes. They are also often used in "pool-scapes," either inside of the pool or in the surrounding areas of the pool.