Furnishing our homes with environmentally friendly furniture is growing in importance for many people. Environmentally friendly bamboo bar stools are one way that people are finding that they can have new furniture while at the same time doing a small part of being part of the green movement. Metal can be a very cold material, and many people prefer to furnish their homes with wood because of its warmth and comfort. Let's see what makes bamboo a good choice.

If you are looking for a champion building material, you have to look no further than bamboo. In the time it takes trees to mature enough to be cut down for their wood (twenty years or more), bamboo can be harvested 3 times, since it takes only 6 years to mature. No other woody plant has the phenomenal growth rate of bamboo. Some kinds of bamboo have been known to grow as much as 3 inches in one day.

There are an estimated 1200 different kinds of bamboo in the world. There are small, delicate bamboos which can be raise as ornamental plants. And there in complete contrast to these ornamental varieties there is the giant Moso bamboo. Moso bamboo grows to 80 feet in height with a diameter of around 7 inches.

Bamboo is found in more than just the common white or yellow colors too. There is a black variety of bamboo which is sometimes used to make bamboo furniture that can really stands out. Although some may think it is the result of staining the more familiar varieties, the truth is that it is naturally a rich dark color and makes for some rather striking bamboo furniture.

Bamboo has incredible strength and flexibility, which means that furniture made from it is durable and long lasting.

A versatile building material, bamboo is used to make much more than furniture. It is also used in making wall coverings, beautiful and strong flooring, and even clothing.

In years past, bamboo bar stools were found mostly in the so-called "tiki" style, but today that is no longer the case. Now there is furniture made from bamboo that you might not even realize is bamboo. As designers realize the true potential of bamboo, more modern designs are emerging into the marketplace.

So for those trying to find furniture for their homes and businesses that is both beautiful and environmentally friendly, the search is over. Environmentally friendly bamboo bar stools fit both of those conditions perfectly.