Get Your Face Glowing

Tips for Beautiful Skin

 A great skincare routine should take a conscious effort all day long, not just in the morning or at night.  While we know that beauty is only skin deep, what you feed your skin also affects its appearance. You can still have healthy, beautiful, glowing skin without investing too much time simply by using double-duty skincare products and following these easy tips and techniques.

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Morning Glory

Your skin will benefit from having a morning ritual that will pay off in the long run when it comes to your face. If you would agree that breakfast is very important in fueling your body for the day, this jumpstart on your skincare routine will be equally important in the health of your skin. The simplest way to begin a new routine in the morning is to set the alarm to go off 5 minutes earlier. Get up and splash your face with water, use a gentle exfoliating sponge to get the blood flowing to your face and remove dead, flaking skin. Rinse again, pat dry and apply a product that will save you time by boasting multiple benefits. The latest trend in skincare is BB cream. These creams combine both skincare and make-up, therefore eliminating the need for layering. One application of a good BB cream will provide a matte finish, hydration, radiance, flawless skin, and UV protection.

Overnight Sensation

Removing your make-up before bed is another important step in your beauty routine that shouldn't be skipped. Oil, dirt, and bacteria accumulate over the day and if not properly removed, can aggravate breakouts and skin irritation. Choose a gentle cleanser that has both exfoliating and brightening benefits to rinse away impurities and boost your skin's natural cell renewal process. Go one step further and use the time you are sleeping to rejuvenate your skin by applying a night-specific moisturizer to keep it quenched all night.

Healthy Habits

There are certain daily habits that can limit your skin's ability to look its absolute best. Adopting a good skincare routine is the first step in achieving a beautiful glow. Beyond this, try to eliminate common skin offenses like touching your face constantly or not cleaning your cell phone regularly. Both of these can introduce bacteria to your face and cause pores to clog. If you are guilty of skipping the skin exfoliation step, your skin may become dull. Leaving out the nightly moisturizer could lead to dry, flaking skin and more wrinkles.

You Are What You Eat

Choosing green tea, which is rich in antioxidants, over coffee for your morning kickstart will promote skin rejuvenation and better health overall. Lunch and suppertime provide more opportunities for choosing skin-healthy meals. Salmon, dark leafy greens, and olive oil are just a few examples of foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. These will help make your skin glow.

Simply being mindful of your skin habits will help you improve the health and appearance of your skin in the long-term.