A six-pack is the most difficult goal to achieve for many gym-goers; it is something we all desire and the final step to attain the perfect body; however, we already have a six-pack hidden down the fat and we only need the right advice, good nutrition and ideal training program to bring it out and show it to the rest of the world; although abs are not just for show, a good set of abs will help you improve sports performance and protect your back from any injuries caused by lifting weights and any unusual movement that you might perform.


Muscles and Toned Abs

Build Muscle, whey protein for perfect bodyA six-pack will not be achieved just doing sit-ups and crunches; you need to work your whole body if you want toned abs; by focusing on bigger parts of your body such as your legs; you will be burning the calories you need to bring out your six-pack and get the perfect body. Variety is the key; you need to change your training program on a monthly basis and always try to vary the weights; once your body gets used to perform a specific exercise it won’t be challenged and stimulated to grow.

Cardio Exercise

Although your main focus should be weights; it is important not to neglect cardio training; however, you must keep it short but intense. The best way to burn the fact covering your abs is with explosive exercise that can usually be performed for shorter period of times; the most popular cardio machines are the bike, rower, treadmill and the cross trainer; for any of them you can make a difference; for example, in the treadmill you could run as fast as you can for 1 minutes and then a normal job for 30 seconds; do this for 3 or 4 times and you will be burning more calories than usual.


If cardio is not your idea of fun you might enjoy joining a class, swap your stationary bike for a spinning class or the stationary rowing machine by rowing in a river for example. The key to build lean muscle and the sick-pack you always wanted is hard work.


Work your abs from all angles

Performing crunches for 1 hour each day won’t be as efficient as hitting your abs from all sides. Getting to know your abs is probably fundamental to understand how to work it more effectively – your training plan should include exercises for your upper and lower abs as well as your obliques.


You should work out your abs like any other part of your body; they do need to rest after a heavy training session which could include between 4 to 6 of the exercises below (however, remember to change it on a monthly basis)

  1. Plank
  2. Crunch
  3. Reverse crunch
  4. Side crunch
  5. Double leg over
  6. Cycling Russian twist
  7. Russian twist
  8. Woodchop
  9. Swiss ball crunch
  10. Swiss ball jacknife
  11. Dumb-bell pullover
  12. Weighted ball crunch


Sport Supplements and Nutrition

Best SteamerCredit: AmazonYou are what you eat and so are your abs. Eating the right food will help you bring out your sick-pack faster than just spending hours in the gym; in fact, one supplements the other and it is almost impossible to achieve one without the other. A diet pack with the right food such as white meat, fruit, vegetables, seeds, nuts and other healthy snacks will provide the nutrients you need to gain muscles and build the perfect body.