Whether you are donning the stage, or even if you just want to look like it might have been, there are great ways to design your own beauty pageant costumes. We’ll divide this into three major sections, and then talk about the best way to go about doing each of them.

The first section will be hair, then dress, then shoes. You can design each of the sections yourself, but you will probably need to purchase a few props as well. You will want to wear your hair in a very attractive fashion.

Think about beauty pageant contestants. Their hair always looks fabulous. You could spend the entire day making your hair look great. I won’t get into all the different styles you could choose from.

It will suffice me to say that you have a lot to choose from. It’s a good idea to choose a hair style that looks good with a tiara. You don’t have to wear one, but it’s a fun way to pretend that you won the pageant.

If you are getting this costume for an actual pageant, then you should wear a tiara before you win one. When picking out a tiara, you should get one that doesn’t scream for attention.

Get a subtle one. That will look better. Your dress shouldn’t be too frilly. These days, beauty pageant dresses are sleek. They start near your neck, and get down to your thighs as quick as they can.

Go for a solid color. Don’t get a dress that has any designs. An intense color will look nice, like a satin red. It can be fun to wear a sash.

Once again, if you are putting this outfit together for a real pageant, then don’t wear a sash. If this is a costume for a party, then you can make a sash that says something funny.

Think of different award you would like to have won. You could be Miss just about anything. For example, you could be Miss Better Than You.

Now, never undersell the shoes. They are an extremely important part of the outfit. You will probably want heels, and the higher the better.

Still, remember that you will have to wear these shoes for a while. Get shoes that you can walk in. You don’t want to be falling over. You might have to practice with the shoes before the big day. Don’t scuff them up.

Make sure that each piece of your beauty pageant costumes work well with each other. You don’t want to clash. You might have thought that each piece was great when you were buying them, but then realize that they go terrible together.

Now you are ready to compete against the other beauty pageant costumes. Life is a competition, so get used to being judged. The best you can do is win it all. Don’t be afraid to do the walk. People always think its fun to see people dressed up as beauty contestants do the walk.