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A woman can possess outer beauty, but the true secret to beauty is to be a good, compassionate and a beautiful woman on the inside, as well. This article will provide the secrets to outer beauty. Be advised, however, that having inner beauty is what completes the beautiful woman package.

In order for a woman to possess inner beauty, she must feel good about herself on the inside. She must maintain a positive outlook on life. Women with inner beauty are caring, giving, and compassionate.  They exhibit grace, possess good manners, and practice etiquette. The key to being a beautiful woman is by maintaining both outer and inner beauty.

Hair and Nail Care Tips

Shiny, healthy-looking hair and strong, healthy nails are evidence of a healthy body. Nutrition is one key to both healthy hair and nails. A diet of foods with vitamins, minerals and protein is key to having healthy hair and nails.

Maintaining lovely hair means using shampoos and conditioners suited to a woman’s individual hair type. Shampoos and conditioners are available for normal, dry or oily hair. It is wise for women to brush their hair with a boar bristle brush. Boar bristle brushes don’t contribute as much to breakage of strands of hair as other types of brushes may. Getting one’s hair trimmed regularly is vital to keeping beautiful, shiny and healthy-looking hair.

The key to beautiful and strong nails is to file nails when the white part of the nail tip has begun to grow out about 1/4" from the pink portion of the fingernail. Women should file nails from the corner to the center in only one direction. Softening and trimming nail cuticles is important too. Women should regularly buff their nails to make them shine. They should always apply a base coat polish before applying regular polish. The regular polish can be topped off with a protective clear top coat. Nail Tek products are highly recommended for growing and maintaining beautiful, strong nails.

Make-up Techniques

Make-up application is a step by step procedure. The first step is cleaning the facial skin with a gentle facial soap or cleansing cream. Always use upward, gentle, circular strokes to avoid tugging and pulling on the skin. When using soap, one should always rinse thoroughly to remove any drying residue, and then gently pat the face dry. When using cleansing cream, it is wise to wipe off the cream with cotton balls or cotton pads moistened with clean water. The second step is to apply moisturizer with sunscreen. After applying the moisturizer, women should evenly and lightly apply a make-up foundation that is suited to their skin’s particular natural color or tone and skin type.

Cream-based cheek colors or blushers should be applied just immediately following the foundation application. Blushers of the cake powder variety should be used after the powder. After adding cheek blusher, finish it with a translucent powder dusted very lightly on top of the foundation and the blush.

The next step is to accentuate the eyes. Check first to see that the eyebrow arch doesn’t have any stray hairs that detract from a clean look to the face. Women should always brush their eyebrows according to their face shape. Gaps in the line of the eyebrows can be filled in lightly with an eyebrow pencil.

The application of a light layer of eye shadow would be the next step in the process. One’s eye color can be better accentuated by applying a lighter shade of eye shadow in the area right beneath the eye brow. A deeper shade of eye shadow should be applied directly on the eyelids. Some women choose to have the eye shadow coordinate with the color of their outfits.  A newer fashion trend, however, is to use a shade of eye shadow that will better accentuate the color of one’s eyes, regardless of the color of the outfit. What is referred to as a smoky eye is fashionable now. For a smoky eye look, variances of lighter and darker shades of grey or charcoal eye shadow are applied as directed above.

To apply eyeliner, one must hold the skin taut and use short, light strokes to draw a fine line that tapers off, just a bit, as it approaches the outer and inner corners of the eye. Eyeliner and mascara should always match.  It is a good idea to curl the eyelashes with an eyelash curler before applying mascara.

Next, mascara should be carefully applied starting at the base of the lashes and stroking up to the eyelash tips. Women who have blonde or red eyelashes might choose to use brown mascara. Women with darker lashes may choose to use brown mascara for a  more casual appearance. Women who desire a more dramatic appearance may choose to use black or brown-black mascara.

The finishing make-up application process is lip liner, lipstick and lip gloss. Varieties of lipsticks include sheer for minimum coverage, shimmery lipstick for a lustrous, soft, and subtle look, or cream lipstick for a matte finish. Lipstick will stay on longer if a base of a protective lip balm is applied first. One can very lightly outline the lips with a lip liner that matches the lipstick color. Fill in the lips with lipstick and blot with a tissue. One can make lips appear softer, shinier and more luscious by adding a final layer of clear gloss over the lipstick.

The Final Beauty Secret

German writer, Goethe, summed up nicely the subject of inner and outer beauty when he said, “Beautiful is greater than Good, for it includes the Good.”

Credit: Bina Sveda