When girls reach their teenage years they probably are getting into fashion and beauty.  There are some tips to make clothing look appropriate and makeup look decent for teenagers. 

Don’t Wear Foundation: Many teens choose either a liquid or powder foundation so they can cover up their acne.  It is a good idea as a teenager to avoid foundation.  Not only does it make acne worse, but it hides your natural beauty.  Most women over 35 years old wear makeup so they can cover the start of their wrinkles or other unwanted blemishes.  If you really want to hide your acne for a specific outing try a tinted moisturizer.  This will help blend any unwanted acne.

Socks With Sandals Has Got to Go: Some teens may say that socks with sandals are comfortable so they like to wear them.  Unfortunately, there are people out there who will judge you when you wear socks with sandals.  If you want to wear socks, you should wear tennis shoes.  If you want to wear sandals, then skip the socks. 

Use Baby Powder: There are many uses for baby powder.  If your hair is oily and you simply do not have time to wash it, you can add a little bit of baby powder to the roots of your hair and rub it in until you can no longer see the white baby powder.  This will definitely help hide the oil your hair may hold until you have the chance to wash it.  Baby powder makes a great dry shampoo if you are camping and have no means to wash it with soap and water.

High Heels: You may start to be interested in high heels.  High heels can be dangerous if you do not know how to walk in them correctly.  It is a good idea to start out by wearing wedged heels.  The heel of these shoes are thicker so they are safer if you twist your ankle.  As you get more comfortable in wedged heels you can start wearing a skinnier high heel which is a very common shoe as you get older and start to go out with friends.

Messenger Bag: Many teens carry their school books in messenger bags instead of regular backpacks because it is a more of a hip trend.  This makes them look older and more professional when they are in school and carrying their books home from school.

Use Moisturizer: For teens who have acne problems, they tend to skip the moisturizer because they feel their face gets more oily and they break out.  This is actually just a myth.  Your face needs moisturizer.  When you cleanse your face you are stripping your skin of the natural oils that your face needs.  Using a moisturizer will help trick your face to keep making the oils that it needs to keep healthy skin.

Don’t Overdo it: When teens get the go ahead from their parents to start wearing makeup, they seem to want to coat their face with the product.  It is a good idea to just apply a little makeup, so it doesn’t look like you are face painting yourself.  If you want to add a little bit of eyeshadow and eye liner, do so.  If you would rather wear some red lipstick and some blush you can do this.  Don’t wear everything on your face all at one time. 

Use Sunscreen: You should be using sunscreen every day even if you don’t plan on sitting outside for hours on end.  Every time you get sunburn, you are risking skin damage for your skin.  It is a good idea to apply sunscreen every day.  Many of the moisturizers contain a UV protectant that can help protect yourself from the sun.

Just Add Highlights: If mom and dad said it was okay to dye your hair, there is a certain way that you should do this.  Do not go out and buy a completely different color shade than what your hair is.  It is so common for teens to dye their hair a bleach blonde color.  This should not be done because it can end up looking terrible.  If you have blonde hair, you can add some light brown or lightly tinted red low lights to your hair.  If you have dark hair, add some light brown or dark blonde high lights.  This can make your hair look absolutely fabulous. 

Create Your Own Style: If you want to be unique and one of a kind, it is a fun idea to create your own style and fashion.  For example, wear plaid shorts with a striped shirt.  Be unique and creative.  You never know what fashion trend you may start.  It seems as though leggings used to be out of style until recently.  Now everyone is wearing leggings and it is a very popular trend.

Try New Hairstyles: No-one likes the same hairstyle everyday, on every person in school.  Try new hairstyles off.  This can be hair cuts and the way that you style your hair.  Does it seem as though everyone has long straight hair with layers?  If so, maybe you should try cutting it and curly your hair.  This will help you be different and create your own style and be different from the crowd.  There are many different hairstyles that you can try including half pony tails, full ponytails, side braids, fish tail braids, french braids, bobby pinned clips, etc.  The ways you can style your hair are unlimited.

Use a Top of the Line Nail Polish: Using cheap nail polish at your local dollar store can be your worst mistake.  It is important to use a good brand of nail polish so your nails stay strong when you have nail polish on.  It is a good idea to keep them filed.  Don’t apply nail polish every single time that your nail polish chips off because this could damage your nails.  Also, when you use nail polish remover, be sure to use one that is a strengthening nail polish remover to keep your nails healthy.