How to Look as Gorgeous as You Are!

Have you ever felt like your beauty regimen doesn't match up to your busy lifestyle? Or that you just have no time to get ready in the morning? Well here are some tips and tricks to look glamourous everyday without spending 30 minutes trying to acheive it. 

We are all beautiful, you can't disagree with that but sometimes we need a bit of help to unlock our true potential. So let's begin with the most important part, our face. Reccntly Jessica Simpson created her own skin care line and it is amazing, so check it out and take the free consultation . It is called BeautyMint and is the perfect skincare line to improve the look of your skin and its quick too ! Next you will most likely need a good foundation I suggest Covergirls Nature Luxe Foundation. It comes in a variety of colors and doesn't block pores! Now onto concealer, try the Sheercover concealer duo, it works like a chrm for under eye circles. Now to finish it of set your foundation with any powder, check out your local drugstore and find one thats right for you. Lately I have been using Loreals True Match powder, it is amazing and works really well reducing my oily skin. This should take all of 5 minutes now lets move to eyes, cheeks and lips.

Take any eyeshadow that compliments your eyes, for blue eyes, like I have take a himmery champagne color like Maybellines Champagne fizz and swipe on any black or brown eye liner for example Victorias Secret eyeliner in Black Velvet. Now you are almost done, take any mascara you like that lengthens you lashes like Covergirls  Lash Blast Volume. 

Grab any blush you like , for me its Maybellines bouncy clush in Pink Frosting. Lightly dab it on the apples of your cheeks to bring it to your temples for a natural flush. And lastly grab you favorite lip stick and gloss combo to finish off your look. I am totally in love with Maybellines nearly there and Lancomes Juicy Tube in Simmer. Now you are totally gorgeous, not breaking the bank and have enough time to eat breakfast!

Enjoy Your Beauty!

My Everyday Look