Beautiful Woman

The standards of beauty seem to change constantly throughout the years, at least to some extent. One perfect example is that several decades ago, women who had some curves were more attractive than the popular stick models of today. Some things, such as easy ways to care for your hair or skin, however, have stayed the same throughout the years. That means if your mom or grandma offers you some advice, you might not want to just ignore it; they may know what they are saying after all. Here are some great beauty tips, both from our generation and from earlier ones.


Beautiful Hair

One of the first things people notice when they look at you is your hair and because of that it is no surprise that hair suggestions are one of the most popular types of beauty tips around. Although hairstyles have changed throughout the years (picture the beehive or the afro), basic principles of hair care are still the same. Here are some of the best tips to make sure your hair looks gorgeous:

General Care:

  • Your natural oils are there for a reason. They help keep your hair hydrated and shiny. The best way to make sure they reach all areas of your hair is to brush your locks starting from the roots and going towards the end each night.
  • When combing wet locks, do a small section at a time and do start in the center working down before starting at the scalp and going to the center.
  • Always protect your locks from the sun. Try using a hat or scarf if you are outside for a while.
  • If you have hat head, lean over and shake your head. Run your fingers through your locks to add volume then brush lightly underneath.
  • If you want to boost the volume of your hair, try changing your part.
  • To avoid frizz, stick to a wide tooth comb.
  • Spraying static guard on your brush can stop flyaway hairs.


  • If you want something specific, tell your stylist. It may seem obvious, but if you know what you want, bring in pictures.
  • Never trim the natural hair on your neck. When it grows, it will stick out like a cow-lick.


  • If you dye your hair and your roots are showing, try parting your hair in a zigzag pattern. This will camouflage the roots, making them less noticeable.
  • If you want to dye your hair but can’t pick a color, opt for one that is a shade or two away from your natural color. This way it will still look natural.


Great Eyebrows

After the hair, the next set of important beauty tips focuses on your face. The problem is your face involves a lot of features so sometimes you need to break them down into smaller components. These beauty tips focus on helping your eyebrows look gorgeous.

  • Before you tweeze, soften your skin using a wet cotton ball.
  • When tweezing, never change your brows’ peak.
  • When penciling in your brows, don’t draw the entire thing; simply fill in any gaps.
  • If the pencil is freshly sharpened, use the side instead of the tip as this will make a soft line.
  • Always tweeze in the direction of hair growth.
  • If your brows are unruly, try putting some hairspray on a toothbrush you don’t need anymore. Use it to brush your brows up and out.


Gorgeous Eyes

Right under the eyebrows is another very important feature: the eyes. When applying your makeup, you want to draw attention to your eyes; after all they are windows to the soul. Here are some timeless tips to help you meet this goal.

General Care:

  • Be careful with your eyes; they are incredibly sensitive so never rub them. When cleaning off makeup, simply blot the area.
  • If you have puffy eyes, try using a cold compress or cold water.
  • When applying anything (such as moisturizer) to the area around your eyes, use your ring finger as it will cut the pressure on your skin.


  • If your eye shadow won’t stay, try using moisturizer and foundation to prime your lids before you add the color.
  • To open your eyes, put a light color right above your lashes and in the inner corners.
  • Never lower your chin when putting on mascara. It will increase your risk of getting some on the eyelid.
  • Avoid putting mascara on your lower eyelashes. It will end up creating a shadow under your eyes.
  • If your pencil eyeliner keeps smudging, try putting a light powder shadow over the line.


Lovely Lips

What facial feature do most guys love the most? One of the most common answers is the lips so here are some tips to make sure they look great:

  • If you want smooth lips, use a warm wash cloth before bed. This will get rid of flaky and dry bits. Then use your favorite lip balm.
  • If you want your lipstick to last, apply a coat and let it set. Then blot your lips, dust them using powder and add a second coat.
  • To avoid missing spots when putting on your lipstick, be sure to smile.


Pretty Face

Now that we have some beauty tips for specific areas of the face, we can move onto the face in general:

General Care:

  • Touching your face too often can actually lead to breakouts.
  • Squeezing a pimple can make a tiny scar so avoid doing this.
  • When applying cream or cleanser, always press upwards lightly.


  • To match your face’s color, test your foundation on your neck or face.
  • If you have blemishes or redness, use foundation as concealer is actually lighter than the color of your skin.
  • When putting on blush, focus on the part of your cheeks that puff out in a smile.
  • If your makeup fades during the day, try putting on a primer before you put on foundation.


Flawless Skin

The only crucial part of your body left to discuss is the skin. Here are some great beauty tips throughout time to help make sure it is healthy and glows:

  • For best results from your lotion, apply it when your skin is still a bit damp from your shower.
  • If you want your perfume to last, try dabbing a bit of petroleum jelly right before spraying the perfume.
  • Exfoliate your skin at least once a week to remove dead cells as these can make your skin seem dull in appearance.