Make Up Bag Over Haul For Black Women

Must Have Items For Your Beauty Routine

Black women have a special love affair with fashion and make up products. Not only do we like dress in the latest ensembles, but we also like to adorn our faces in the trendiest of ways. Like fashion, make up trends change every year, when the trends change, so should your make up routine. New trends doesn’t mean that you have to discard your favorite items, or let go of your best look, it just means you need to update your routine to stay in touch with the times.

If you’re like most black women, you wear a least a little bit of make up everyday. Start building your make up bag by adding items that can be considered daily essentials. The very first item in your bag should be a good cleanser. A lot of people think cleansers are only good for removing make up, but this is a completely inaccurate notion. Every black woman skin secretes oils during the night, as well as throughout the day. Dirt, grime, and bacteria can easily get trapped in that oil causing pimples.  Before you put on any make, take a few minutes to clean your face with a simple soap free cleanser. Once your face is completely dry, then you can start your beauty routine.

A good bottle or compact of foundation should be your first addition to your black women’s make up bag. Foundation, regardless of skin color tends to be the most costly of all beauty products, don’t be tempted to buy a cheap brand to save a dollar or two. Purchase the best quality foundation your budget allows. A few skin friendly brands that are great for black skin are:

  • Cover Girl Queen Line
  • Iman Cosmetics
  • Mac Studio Fix
  • Black Opal
  • Neutrogena- for the fairer black woman
  • Bare Essentials

All of these brands are affordably priced, most under $20. They are hypoallergenic and don’t clog the pores. These qualities are essential since you don’t want to damage you skin by covering it with heavy foundation that doesn’t let your face breathe. Not only will it age your skin, but will also cause breakouts.

The next must have in your black woman’s make up bag is both a brown and a black eyeliner pencil. Smoking hot eyes con only be achieved with an eyeliner pencil, and it only takes a few seconds to put it on. These days, there are so many options other than the simple wooden liner pencil. Maybelline and L’Oreal both have soft automatic eyeliner pencils in a variety of colors. An automatic pencil allows you to leave out extra items from your bag, such as a sharpener, and they always have a fine point. The liner lead is soft which allows you to apply the color in one smooth motion, creating a very refined look in half the time. If you don’t like eyeliner pencils, a pot of gel is a good substitute, however, with eyeliner gel; you have to get a very good brand such as Mac’s ink pot in black, or eyeliner gel from Too Faced.

Since we are talking about the eyes, let’s get into mascara. No great make up job is complete with out the little pot of liquid magic. Long eyelashes have long since been a sing of a sexy, feminine woman.  Black is the usual go to color, but be daring and spice it up a little. Dark blue, brown, or even burgundies are all great mascara colors for black women. They match with all darker skin tones and are trending well right now. Mascara is another items in your make up bag that you should skimp on, cheap mascara will be hard to apply and clump on your eyelashes. Not only does this look unappealing, but it’s very unhealthy for your lashes. Choose a mid priced brand that’s waterproof, but washes off with soap or make up remover. This allows for easy removal at the end of the day, without pulling your lashes out from the roots. Benefit cosmetics offer a great range of colors, and their mascara not only goes on smooth, but also improves the overall health of your eyelashes.

Never underestimate the power of a good stick of concealer.  Every black woman has one of those days where she simply didn’t get enough sleep the night before. This can lead to sagging under the eyes are best, and deep dark circles under the eyes at worst. A good way to look refreshed it to use a very small amount of concealer under your eyes before putting on the finishing touches to your make up. You don’t have to get a brand that’s overly expensive, but make sure the brand and color you choose matches your foundation very closely. A stick that’s light weight will keep your eyes from dropping as the day wears on and concealer is also a great last minute fix for any pimple spots that pop up from your late night.


We black women take a lot of pains to have the perfect arch in our eyebrows. Not only does it drive out points home by accentuating our facial expressions but also it gives a very polished look when done properly. The most common way to do your eye brows is with an eyebrow pencil, this can be discarded. A better option is to use powder color that can be brushed on with a brown make up brush. Stick to the natural color of your eyebrows when choosing a powder, and resist the urge to pair thick dark lines on your face. Brow pencils tend to leave a very theater friendly look that comes off very unnatural, brushing think dark lines will have the same effect. For perfect eyebrows, attend a threading session for the perfect shape, and brush on the color to even out the arch. Not only is threading less painful than plucking, but it also lends a softer look to your eyebrows.

Read more in my next black women’s beauty bag post, as always, I value your feedback to make my list more comprehensive.