Quick Beauty Fix for the Woman on the Go

Beauty and Skin Care Tips for Busy People

Here are some quick tips to maintain your healthy and beautiful glow despite the busy schedules.

beautiful face 2

 Fresh feeling

For quick freshening, splash your face using warm water and spritz with seltzer. Pat it dry slowly.

Buff up

If you can't take time out for a manicure, buff your nails to a soft pink finish. Buff in just one direction and stop when the nails feel hot.

Quick remover

You are not stuck when you find out that you're all out of nail polish remover. Paint a generous quantity of base coat over your nail, wait 20 seconds and wipe the nail using a tissue or cotton ball, pressing firmly. Repeat till the polish is removed.

No shine

When you can't get to a sink to wash your face, try using oil-blotting tissues. They do away with shine but leave makeup intact.

Bath bonus

Taking a bath after a long, hard day is delightful; there's nothing like it to unwind. You could use this bath time for a beauty treatment as well. Add 2 cups instant non-fat dried milk to the water to soften your skin, or massage your body using vegetable or baby oil before going in the tub. After soaking for a few minutes, rub your body down with a loofah. This not just gets rid of dead, flaky skin but wakes you up so you'll be set for a night out.

Faded to fresh

-When you're quite rushed to take time out for a recharge, you can give your face a healthy radiance with this mix-in-a-minute combo. Mix a bit of cream blush with your moisturizer (a one to four ratio) and apply it over your entire face. Smooth with a facial sponge and finish using translucent powder.

-All you need is your blush for this transformation! Put more blush high on the cheekbones into the temples. Brush a bit around the eye bone under the brow, at the tip of the nose and at the bottom of the chin.

- Head for the kitchen when you would like to add a rosy glow to your face. Mix together 1 teaspoon thyme into 1 cup boiling water, let it steep for 10 minutes and put on the solution to your face with cotton balls. Allow to dry, rinse with cold water and you're ready to go.

Long-lasting makeup

- Pat an ice cube gently over your face after putting on makeup. It "seals" color in and gives you a fresh, dewy look.

- For lips that will not need retouching for hours, use a lip-coloring pencil on the entire surface of the lips and slick gloss .over it.

Fix-up for the frizzies

Give your hairbrush a dusting of anti-static fabric spray and run it down your hair. Quick manageability! You can smooth a sheet of anti-cling fabric softener— the kind you put in the dryer—over your hair for similar effect.

Remedy for puffy eyes

A quick cure for puffy eyelids is to lie down and put steeped chamomile tea bags on closed lids for 10 minutes. The tannic acid cuts down the swelling like magic.

Smear maneuver          

You're all made up and ready to go— and your mascara smears. Do not start over. Dip a cotton swab in eye makeup remover and whisk away the smudges.

Putting on the glitz        

- When you don't have time for a day-into-evening makeover. just add a metallic or glitter eye shadow shade right over your matte color.

- A few strokes of a highlighter in a pale silver shade would light up your eyes and your entire face. Stroke it on the brow bone, sweeping to the outer corner of the eye.

Perm pick-up

When your perm has ran down, leaving you with a droopy crown and straight-ish sides, try this: Spray the crown with water. Using  just your fingers, squeeze tiny handfuls of hair as it dries. You'll have curls abounding! For the sides, spray and fluff the hair with your fingers. Pull one side back and secure it using a decorative comb.

Under cover

To conceal a blemish, paint it out. Dab on an astringent and apply a heavy coat of under eye cover-up. Dip a small makeup brush into liquid foundation and stroke it over the blemish, then feather at the edges.