Following some beauty tips do not have to be costly endeavors; sometimes it is just a matter of tweaking a habit or adding new ones to get an A+ beauty routine. Beauty tips aren't all about the skin care products or makeup that is used- take a look at a list of beauty tips for the face below. Maybe you can find some helpful new ones.

  • Sleep on your back to keep from wrinkling your face overtime
  • Change out your pillowcase to a satin one, in case you are sleeping on your side there will be less friction on your skin.
  • Use a smaller pillow overall, which allows less surface damage to the skin
  • Use a neck pillow, or roll in addition to the pillow while you are sleeping, this can help lengthen the neck and take the pressure off the face
  • Don't excessively rub the eyes, this leads to wrinkles over time
  • Know the performance ingredients that actually do work in skin care products. By knowing the facts you are less likely to buy something that is worthless
  • Take short, mild temperature or cold showers to keep the skin on the body and face from drying
  • Limit caffeine
  • Drink plenty of water with lemon to make the water more alkaline
  • Massage the skin on the face every now and then, with clean hands to stimulate circulation
  • Take supplements daily- alpha lipoic acid, 7-keto DHEA, MSM and vitamin ester c are good supplements to start with
  • Exercise your body, this will help circulation in your face and overall younger looking skin
  • Don't choose a makeup foundation that is too light, it's a common mistake that women make which makes the face look dry and unnatural.
  • If you are bothered by forehead lines and are saving up for some cosmetic treatments, try getting bangs or hair wisps to cover them up during the short term
  • Warm highlights around the face and at the top of the head will take attention away from the wrinkles
  • For bigger eyes, put a small amount of beige eyeshadow on the center of the eyelid and then blend it in
  • For a look of bigger lips, go for a shimmery gloss instead of a matte color

These are just some quick beauty tips for the face that you can add to your bag of tricks. Keep them handy and practice them often to always have on your best look.