bikini wax

I bet you did not know there were multiple bikini waxing style, did you? Well not everything is limited to a straight "take it all off, Doc!" style. Wether you want it all gone, or just a little taken off the side, there are a variety of style to choose from. Though every salon has different terms for each of these styles.

Just remember that if you are having it professionally done, the style and degree of waxing you want is completely in your control. Do not let the technician make you feel like you have no choices.


If you do end up at a salon, you can ask for descriptions of each of the styles and pick the best one for your needs, however; if you are doing your bikini wax in your own home then:

  1. You are a truly strong Amazon woman! Ouch!
  2. You need to know what style to use, each style has it's own special occasion

So what are your style options?

Regular Bikini Wax

This option is the most popular for first timers. It may be because it requires the least amount of pain, or it's all the pain they can take and they stop there. The regular bikini wax just takes off the hair outside the panty line. It's great it you want to keep your hair, but do not want it peeking out of your brand new bikini at the beach.

Full Bikini Wax

This one goes a little deeper inside the panty line. It usually created a large triangle. Most people that pick this want to give their pubic area a little more definition that the simple bikini wax.

Brazilian Bikini Wax

This is the most popular option. The brazilian wax just rips everything off. Everything on the front and everything on the back. If you are at a salon, you can ask them to leave a little design on the front, but if it is anything more complicated than the landing strip, it's best you not attempt designs at home.

Why go for a Brazilian? Brazilian waxes are great for thong bikinis. If you have almost everything hanging out there, you don't want any unsightly hair showing. Anywhere.

French Bikini Wax

The french wax is very similar to the Brazilian wax. You just rip everything off the front. However, the french wax stops right before the back (your bum) and leaves the hair back there. Why go for this choice over the brazilian? Well, if you are not going to be prancing about in your thong at the beach, no need to get the hair waxed off your bum. If you think bikini waxing hurts terribly, it hurts worse back there.


I am still not sure why they call this the Hollywood. The hollywood style of bikini wax is just to purge everything. Where in a brazilian you typically leave a little hair behind in a design, this is not the case. There is not hair left in front, under, or in back. This is definitely not recommended for your first bikini wax.



You can never be too prepared for your Bikini waxing appointment, whether it is with yourself or a professional, use these tips to reduce pain and side effects

  • Skin in the pubic area is more sensitive for a woman when she gets closer to her period. Try to avoid waxing near those times as it will hurt more and is more likely to leave unsightly bumps.
  • Extra long hair makes bikini waxing hurt more than it needs to. However, short hair leaves nothing for the wax to hold onto. If you see a professional, they will trim it for you. If you are doing this at home, you may have to experiment a little.
  • Keep your hands away from the bikini area. I know it's tempting to feel the newly smooth skin, but your hands can encourage skin irritation.
  • No hot baths, do not go soak yourself for at least six hours afterwards. This means no sauna or tanning either.
  • While it may be tempting, try to avoid sexual intercourse for 24 hours. Men's pubic hair can encourage infection.
  • Avoid tight fitting underwear. I know you want to wear your sexy panties right away, but give the area a few days to "breathe'
  • Exfoliate. Do it, do it often. Exfoliating the area does wonders to avoid most of the side effects you get from waxing.

Side Effects

So, why all these restricting tips? Well, like most things, bikini waxing can come with a few ugly side effects if you do not care for them properly.


Well, you did just pull your hair out from the root. Any sensible person would expect a little swelling.


You have finally got rid of that jungle, and now your greeted with a break out of acne.


Much like pimples, only they aren't oozing puss. these could be the start of ingrown hairs though. These are the most common side effect of waxing and shaving the area. Most people go to waxing to avoid these bumps, only to be disappointed when they get them after waxing.

Ingrown Hair

Once your hair does start coming back, these become a problem. These come from the follicle of the pubic hair. Where shaving blunts the hair so it doesn't often get ingrown, waxing leaves it jagged and it can easily catch on your skin when it come back. To fight these, avoid tight fitting panties for a few days after your wax and exfoliate your bikini area frequently.


There is one thing that soothes every single one of these side effects. The miraculous Aloe Vera gel! You know, the thing you may use for sunburns. It turns out it is great for your sensitive skin down there as well. Aloe Vera helps fend off infection by keeping the area fairly clean, especially the brands that come with alcohol in them. The alcohol helps dry your pimples, too! The natural gel of Aloe keeps the area moisturized and helps soothe red irritation as well.