Beauty of Chennai for South India Tour

The metropolitan city of Chennai is one of the hot favorite tourist destinations. The city with its unique culture, rich heritage, South Indian temples, beaches, parks, museums allures the tourist to this part of India. A south India tour is incomplete without a visit to this place. Located at the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal, Chennai is also known as the cultural capital of south India. It has been one of the most visited cities by the foreign tourists with a large number of footfalls every year.

Chennai displays a blend of age old tradition, culture, natural beauty and modernity. This is the reason behind the city being famous among the tourists. The most famous of all attractions in Chennai is the Marina Beach. Famous for the long stretch of silver sands and blue waters, Marina Beach offers mesmerizing view of sunrise and sunset. It is fringed by palm and casuarinas trees on the shores. These trees provide shade for those who want to beat the scorching heat of the sun. A stroll on the sands with the cool breeze touching you is just wonderful. Though swimming and bathing is strictly prohibited but you can play with the tides of water. While a horse ride on the shore will lift up your spirits. During the weekends and holidays it is most crowded by the locales while the tourists can be seen every day.  The lighthouse located at the southern end of the Marina Beach offers a panoramic view of the city of Chennai.

In the parks of the Marina Beach, you will notice various statues of famous personalities. This includes Mahatma Gandhi, Bal Gangadgar Tilak, Sir Thomas Munro and many others. This beach has an artificial fountain, aquarium along with swimming pools. The aquarium is home to some astonishing and splendid range of tropical sea fishes and fresh water fishes. This is such a joy watching the colorful fishes and serves as a wonderful opportunity to be familiar with the aquatic life of Chennai. Beach cricket and kites flying in the air are common sights in Marina Beach. The Ice House which was used to store ice brought from the great lakes in North America during the British period also attracts the tourists in Marina Beach. You can see the colonies of fishermen on both the shores in spite of strong waves of the water. The fisherman engaging in fishing is worth watching who has not ever witnessed this art. Fishing needs lot of hard work and has to risk life as well. South Indian snacks, ice creams and other delicious food items available in the food stalls located at the vicinity of the beaches serves as refreshments after exploring the different parts of Marina Beach.

The magical land of India has lots of tourists’ destinations. The Southern part of India has a different charm. South India tour packages give you an ample opportunity to discover this beautiful part of India. Make your trip to India exciting with these tour packages.