Bebook Live Android 2.2 Tablet Review

Should I Buy the Bebook Live Tablet?

The goal of this article is to provide you with the best Bebook Live Android 2.2 tablet review currently available. This is a new product by the small e-reader/tablet computer company Bebook. While I have previously reviewed a past product of theirs known as the Bebook Neo with a relatively poor rating here on InfoBarrel, the Bebook Live is setting the stage for a new era in this companies evolution and instantly is superior in quality in comparison to many of their other e-book reader offerings. I hope you are able to learn a lot through this Bebook Live Android 2.2 tablet review, and perhaps even be pursuaded to do some more research on the company Bebook and this specific product offering. Actual product information on Bebook's website is fairly scarce, but with hands on experience and reading up on reviews from many other individuals; I feel I can provide some excellent information about the Bebook Live for your reading pleasure.

Comparing the Bebook Live with other Tablet Computers

As will likely be pretty obvious, the Bebook Live can be compared easily with other tablet computers currently available on the market, such as the iPad 2 and the Kindle Fire. In fact, the Bebook Live actually looks very similar to the iPad 2 that it is astonishing. I doubt many people would pick up on the differences immediately. The functionality is not much different either. As is expected from modern tablet computers, you can play games, watch television and movies, listen to music, and read e-books and other document file types as well. To describe all of these things in great detail would be a waste of space, as the Bebook Live compares very well to other major tablet computers on the market in these respects. The touch screen is responsive, the sound quality is good (and this piece of technology has volume controls on the side, which is something the Kindle Fire apparently lacks), and the colors on screen most of the time are very nice to look at. In these areas, I cannot find much to complain about; but does this product actually do anything to stand out from other tablet computers?

One particularly interesting feature is the inclusion of an HDMI port where you can hook a HDMI cable up to the Bebook Live, then plug in the other end to your HDMI ready television set. This is interested because this 7" tablet computer can be used in many respects as something that may take the place of your personal computer, video game systems (especially if you are into casual games like Angry Birds), and even your television and movie library. I find this to be a particularly interesting feature, as a 7" inch screen; whether for the Bebook Live or any other tablet computing device is rather small (though not so much so that using it on its own while travelling would be unappealing). Aside from this, storage capacity is very high considering the price tag: 4 gigabytes of storage on the device, and an addition 32 gigabytes of storage when you use the micro SD card (which is included in the purchase). On storage alone, the Bebook Live provides much more bang for your buck in comparison to products like the Kindle Fire and the iPad 2.

What is Android 2.2? Should I care about it?

In clicking into this article you may be wondering: what is Android 2.2? It is a major aspect of the Bebook Live, and should certainly be considered when thinking about making a purchase of the Bebook Live or any other tablets currently available on the market. Android 2.2 is a (slightly) old operating system (sometimes known as Froyo). As a result, when purchasing this product you are, in fact, receiving a product with a now dated operating system. MSN points out that "all serious Android tablets have the tablet-specific Honeycomb 3.0 operating system." As someone who has used the Bebook Live (though I do not own one myself), I did not find this old operating system to decrease the actual value of the product; though having old software technology may bother some of the more tech savvy individuals among us. As I see it, the actual functionality of this tablet computer is more comparable to the old iPad; which is not particularly a bad thing as the iPad 2 only made relatively slight improvements to the overall experience of owning a tablet computer.

As a result of running on Android 2.2, it can be pointed out that this is perhaps the largest flaw with this tablet. Like I said, it will likely not deter to many buyers; but it is important to note. Most other flaws found among other buyers and reviews seem to be rather miniscule, and ultimately do not detract too much from the purchase.

Will I Look Good Owning a Bebook Live?

Let's face the hard reality of making purchases: we typically like when things make us look better and feel better. We buy new clothes not necessarily because we need them, but sometimes just because we want them. When we have a smart phone, a desktop computer, a laptop, and other tech devices lying around the house; do we really need to own a tablet computer as well? Generally, I would not say we need to own one; but they can certainly make life more interesting and fun!

In examining the actual physical and aesthetic qualities of the Bebook Live, I would have to say that owning one will certainly be nice to be able to show to your friends and look at. It is certainly not an eye sore like some other, less expensive tablet computers that were certainly rushed out to meet the growing demand for computer tablets. The dimensions of this device is very similar to the size of the Apple iPad, and quite frankly in a lot of respects it looks like it as well.

Overall, I would have to say that the Bebook Live is a massive step up from some of their previous products (like the afforementioned Bebook Neo). While it does run on an old opperating system (Android 2.2), it is still a very good product that will bring enjoyment to many. There are very few complaints with regards to it's functionality, and there may be a slight learning curve but most people will be able to figure out this device within a day or two. It should be pointed out that the Bebook Live is not currently available in the United States, but it should be released very soon at the price tag of around ~159 dollars USD. For this price, I find the this tablet computer to be very much worth it in comparison to major tablets like the Kindle Fire (which is $200 dollars) and the iPad 2 (which is around ~500 dollars).

I hope you enjoyed my Bebook Live Android 2.2 Tablet Review, and if I have managed to not answer all of your questions you can definitely leave some feedback in the comments section below. I also write a variety of different articles related to technology and tablet computers, so check out some recent articles including The 7 Best eBook Readers You Can Buy, Bebook Neo Review, and Why Should I Buy a Kindle Fire?