Bebook Neo Review

In this Bebook Neo review I will be looking at a relatively new product in the world of e-book readers. While there are several well known products in this niche market, namely the Amazon Kindle Fire, Apple iPad 2, and the Barnes and Noble Nook, I feel it is important to bring to peoples attention the reality that many more up-and-coming companies and brand names are in the works; and perhaps these products may provide something you would preference both in terms of price and functionality that may not be found in more popular brands like those already mentioned. In addition to this, I would also like to make a small political statement focused on addressing the importance of small businesses working in this relatively corporation dominated market. Past news reports have shown the relatively frequent occurance of unethical practices dominating major companies production lines, including Amazon and Apple. Small businesses are less likely to be utilizing child labor, sweat shops, and other forms of unethical treatment of human beings in working environment. It is for this additional reason that I feel looking at alternative options when deciding on making an investment is a great idea.With these thoughts in mine, let me begin my Bebook Neo review and hopefully allow you to make the best decision with regards to purchasing an e-book reader.


What is the Bebook Neo?


The Bebook Neo is an e-book reader first and foremost. Unlike recent products such as the Kindle Fire and Apple iPad 2, which are both e-readers and provide other content, Bebook's latest development is primarily focused on the niche of individuals exclusively interested in having a digital reader meant for accessing e-books and buying them as well.

A major point to note in this Bebook Neo review is the fact that this e-reader provides easy eBook store access, and goes far beyond the store layouts provided by Apple and Amazon. These companies tend to restrict purchases made on the ereader itself (through a wi-fi connection) to their stores (the Apple store or the Amazon store respectively). The Bebook provides you with the opportunity to choose where YOU want to buy your e-books from, whether it be major stores such as Amazon or Apple; or lesser known ones.

While the Bebook Neo may not be as fully functioning as larger tablet computers, it does provide some basic services outside e-books and reading; including internet access and a fully functional web browser. Additionally, the Bebook Neo incorporates the usage of Wacom tablet technology which is popular because of its functionality, navigation speed, and the lack of lag it typically presents when using a product using it.



Should I Purchase the Bebook Neo?

As much as I love new companies and technological devices, consumers typically demand products that are much more functional then the new Bebook reader. At a price of $159 dollars, it is hard to justify spending money on what is essentially just an e-book reader when other, much lesser priced, products are available on the market, such as the Nook which only runs at around ~$100 to ~$150 dollars (depending on the model). Beyond this, despite the ethical dilemnas I may have with some major corporations, I still find the Kindle Fire and the Apple iPad to be a much better buy (from a consumer standpoint) despite their price points being slightly higher (around ~$200 dollars respectively). I feel the age of buying e-book readers is quickly coming to a hault as tablet computers become less expensive and provide more content.

In addition to these complaints, I have to agree with the sentiment expressed by the website Expert Reviews where they address the many bugs and problems that the Bebook Neo has in its user interface and even simply in terms of its useability as it appears that the Wacom pad and stylus do not work as effectively as they should. There exists a whole mess of problems with the Bebook Neo that should be avoided at all costs (literally). I hope to be able to find new, lesser known e-book readers and personal tablet computers to check out; but as it stands the products provided by well known brands currently seem to be the best on the market. I hope that one day the ethical concerns addressed in the introduction to this Bebook Neo review will be nullified by the major corporations themselves, and pave the way for some lesser known brand names and companies to come to light; and hopefully with some great products as well!



While I hate having to negatively review products, it is my goal to provide honest feedback (whether it be good or bad) with regards to products so you can make the best informed decision possible. This Bebook Neo review points out some good aspects of purchasing this e-book reader, such as the simplicity and access to a variety of e-book stores; but in this case, the bad outways the good once you begin to consider the many bugs and the asking price the company Bebook is asking for this product. While it certainly looks sheek, and may meet some esoteric demands of those few niche customers; it is ultimately something I would move right past when it comes to making a purchase.

To give you a definitive answer to the question asked in this article: Can This New E-Reader Overtake the Amazon Nook and Apple iPad? I must say a definitive "No."