Slot Machine

Slot Technicians are an integral part of any casino environment. Slot Techs clean, maintain, and fix slot machines and other gaming machines. If you have clean criminal background record and a good credit score then you may find being slot tech to be the right career choice for you in Las Vegas.

Slot Techs tend to be good with computers. If you either live in Las Vegas or will be moving to Las Vegas and a slot technician jobs sounds interesting too you then you are in luck.

There are many schools in Las Vegas that will train you to be an entry level slot tech. Slot techs can be expected to work any hour of the day. Casinos always have slot techs working around the clock. You may work a day shift, and evening shift, or even the normally dreaded graveyard shift.

A slot tech is expected to fix broken gaming machines, general upkeep, internal cleaning, as well as to help casino staff out when a machine malfunctions and there is a dispute concerning proper payout.

There are many places you can receive the proper training to become an entry level slot tech in Las Vegas, Nevada.

There are many other places you can receive the training you need to become a slot tech including the Green Valley School Of Gaming.

Even after you get a job as a slot tech, technology is always changing; so on going training is always needed. The casino you work for will usually either train you on new technology or will send you to learn new and updated technology.

Many entry level slot tech jobs may start out at only $9.00-$11.00 per hour, but as you learn more and advance your knowledge you could earn significantly more.

A Slot Tech in Las Vegas may not make as much as a bartender in Las Vegas does, but many slot techs would not trade their jobs. Many long time slot techs seem to really enjoy their position with the casino.

The suits and ties tend to respect slot techs as they have an important job on the casino floor. Casinos can not run without trained slot techs working. Machinery and computers always break down. As a trained slot tech, you will constantly be working on machinery and the internal computer components.

A slot tech tends to get very good with their soldering skills.

A career as a slot tech can be very rewarding. Maybe not as much financially, but the esteem and self gratification you can get from fixing problems with slot machines can be very rewarding.

If you are the type of person who loves to troubleshoot problems and get a natural high" when you not only find the problem, but also are able to fix it, then a career as a slot tech may be just what you need.

The demand for slot techs remains high in Las Vegas and with proper training and a clean criminal record you could easily get a job as an entry level slot technician.
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