So, you've been trying to become a boss at drawing Anime, eh? Well I have the perfect knowledge for you. There might be a ton of reasons on why you want to practice how to draw anime. Perhaps you want to draw anime because you have always wanted to be an illustrator. Or maybe you are just captivated by manga drawings and you want to be known for the same thing. It's weird because manga drawings can vary widely. It's completely up to your imagination.

Anime was created in Japan. Ever since anime began, it’s started to become an international hobby. People of totally different races, skin colors, and careers are fascinated by anime. If you really want to understand how to draw anime, then it’s crucial that you learn how to draw different parts of the human body. When drawing, we typically draw characters or people. It's obvious that to draw a person you need to become good at different body parts such as the eye, face, and feet. So when you consider how to draw an anime character’s eyes, we should keep certain rules in mind.

In addition, we need to look at other ideas which we can use to draw anime characters. Males have plenty of straight and non-circular features on their face and physique. As you can see by looking at any man, a male doesn’t have a round face which a female does have. Women on the other hand, do have circular faces. A girl manga character’s face resembles an oval because it makes her look young and girly. Usually, a man will have a a square face with prominent features. This shows his roughness and his masculinity.

Our eyes show a lot of emotion. So now we know that the eyes are the single most important part of our drawing. The next important body part is the mouth. So it is necessary to look at a person's mouth (Sounds creepy right? Well, not really!) and see how it changes when a person is feeling differently.

It’s a good idea to go to Google or Yahoo and search the images for the human facial expressions, then practice them by yourself by drawing on paper. You should never trace your drawing. You need to try to always draw free-hand. If you care about really learning the skill of drawing anime It is also useful in learning how to draw anime that you utilize guides when you’re drawing. When you are finally done with drawing your anime character you can erase the lines, so make sure you draw them lightly. Using guides like this will make you learn drawing anime faster.

Many top anime artists use the techniques that I have described in this article. Learning to be a good manga drawer takes a lot of trial and error while learning and you can’t simply learn how to draw anime in in a day. You have to be very persistent and do not get down if you sometimes draw something that does not look good. Even the very best manga artists alive started right where I did. You need to learn to crawl before you know how to walk. This doesn’t just apply to drawing anime, but it applies to many different areas of life. Don’t you ever get discouraged.You definitely have to see what the best manga artists are doing. You should immerse yourself and become an activist within the anime community and stay up-to-date with anime news. You need to become acquainted with people that have interest in drawing anime and get to know them. This way, whenever anything new happens you will be the first person to know about it. We should all remember the fact that it's extremely important to love what you do.

Drawing anime is absolutely what I love to do. You get stuck sometimes when you try to learn it, but the rewards are well worth it. Drawing anime is one hobby that makes you feel great. Also I should add that I sincerely enjoy showing inexperienced people how to draw anime. The main lesson you learned should be that you be persistent. Never get discouraged and give up. Be a manga drawing boss.