A home is a popular investment anywhere in the world. Potential buyers want to ensure that they are making a good investment choice before purchasing a home. Home inspectors are usually hired by prospective home buyers to carry out a review of the home and provide recommendations to the potential purchasers based on the condition of the house. Home inspectors carry out a thorough inspection of the outdoor and indoor condition of the house. To become a successful home inspector you need to be self motivated and have good business skills.

Things You Will Need

Business plan
Business permits

Step 1

Develop your interpersonal skills as home inspection requires a lot of professional customer service. You will interact with clients, other inspectors, lenders and realtors on a daily basis. It is also important to be self motivated as in most instances home inspection firms are sole proprietorship.

Step 2

Acquire a thorough knowledge of houses/homes in terms of repair and maintenance. Home inspection is all about home review.Home inspectors should therefore acquire knowledge in electrical, plumbing, roofing, foundation, equipment, exteriors and interiors. It is actually safe to be a jack of all trades.

Step 3

Set flexible working hours. Home inspection does not have to follow the 8 to 5pm schedule. Most of this work will depend to a large extent on the client and his preferences. You might be required to work even on weekends. Majority of home inspectors require that the client be present during the entire inspection especially if he is the buyer.

Step 4

Acquire business permits for home inspection. Home inspection predominantly lies in the realm of small businesses. It is thus easy to get a license.The Georgia Association of Home Inspectors (GAHI) is a great resource if you are considering starting up a home inspection business.

Step 5

Join a professional organization. Though it is not a must, this will boost your professional credibility, provide you with an opportunity to network with other real estate professionals and improve your skills and knowledge. Most home inspection associations in Georgia require that you pay a membership fee, while others will require that you attend training, take exams or pursue continuing education. Some of the organizations you can join include The American Society of Home Inspectors and The Georgia Association of Home Inspectors.

Tips & Warnings

  • You may also decide to buy into a home inspectors franchise