A certified nurse aide is tasked with the responsibility of assisting a patient with daily living tasks in a hospital, nursing home or other medical facility. They learn how to perform their job by passing a training course and earning their CNA certificate. A certificate as a nurse aide provides entry into a growing career field since the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 19 percent increase in the number of CNA jobs between 2008 and 2018. While the training and education to become a nurse aide doesn't result in a degree, it is possible to complete an online CNA course.

Things You Will Need

Step 1

Find an online class. Check with local community colleges and technical schools about whether they offer an online CNA course. Visit the website of your state health department to learn if they publish a schedule of upcoming CNA classes. For example, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment has a list on their website of upcoming courses online for nurse aides.

Step 2

Enroll in the course. Check where and when clinicals for the CNA course will be held and ensure you can attend. Apply for admission with the school offering an online CNA course. Take any assessment tests required by the school to ensure you have the appropriate reading and writing skills to successfully complete the certified nurse aide course at home. Pay for the class and obtain any books required for the class from the college's bookstore or a book retailer.

Step 3

Complete the online CNA course. Follow the syllabus and course assignments posted to the online classroom. Read chapters in the book as directed by your instructor. Participate in online discussion boards or chats with your instructor and classmates. Ask questions about any content you don't understand.

Step 4

Attend clinicals. Purchase any supplies needed for clinicals such as a uniform or gait belt. Show up on time and complete tasks as directed. Use your clinical experience to practice what you learned during the online CNA course. Complete the minimum number of clinical hours required by your state to finish the CNA course.

Step 5

Get your CNA certificate. Register to take the certification test after completing your online CNA course. Pay the testing fee and show up on time the day of the exam. Achieve a passing score and receive your certificate in the mail three to six weeks later. Begin working as a CNA once you've obtained your CNA certificate at home.

Tips & Warnings

Check that your computer meets the minimum requirements outlined by the school before enrolling. This ensures you are able to view all components of the online class.

Online classes that allow you to become a CNA at home often fill up fast, so it's important to enroll early.