Be a tourist in your own Town or City.

Go to places you have ignored

So many people sit at home. Too skint to go on holiday. You think you can't afford to do anything, so you sit at home bored. Probably internet surfing in this day and age just falling slowly into the hum drum of life.


Have you ever thought about what is on your doorstep, and possibly for free? I was a culprit of not doing this for many years. Until one day I became so fed up of my children doing nothing and going nowhere, I decided to ask friends where they go. They started telling me of all the National Trust parks in the area. Living in the UK, we are blessed with such a great abundance of protected green areas. Historical buildings and houses. Many of these have yearly membership deals that either let you enter these places cheaper or usually for free. 


The two that immediately come to mind are Heritage and National Trust for the UK. I am unfamiliar with the US but am sure there will be some think similar for parks and such.


Some ideas for what to do is first of all. Get a picnic together. Start walking and just end up in a beautiful field. Breathe in the local greenery in your area. Take a book and read under a tree in a park. All of this is free and enjoyably destressing.


Use the internet. If you are reading this article, then no doubt you are a surfer of the net. Google your area. Google what is out and about " insert area". Find out what is free for you in an acceptable area to reach from home.

So often we save up to go hundreds of miles away and yet do not visit the beauty on our own door step. I for one am lucky to live 1/2 mile from a local Trust country park. Alas, I myself am guilty of not using this and end up going to one 40 miles away.


The added benefit as well as paying less on car juice, is that if you do spend money in any cafe or small shop, then you are putting your money back into your local area. That can only help your own area grow and you will benefit when you are not in a slummed down area.


Just close your eyes and remember how we had to make our own fun when we were children. There was no money to throw at big Adventure parks and Disney land or holidays abroad. We had the odd icelolly and got to play in fields, parks and beaches. Lets give that wonderful feeling of freedom to our children and ourselves.