Today the cost to heat, cool, and run your home is way more than before. However there are ways to save energy in some places that your everyday joe may not know. What is called an energy auditor you go through a home of business and decide where costs can be cut so you or your customer can save on their energy bills.

Training can sometimes be done online. You could run a business where you charge people a flat rate to come in their home or place of business and show them where they are wasting or where they could save based on many factors. As of right now you do not need a license to do this you just need to be trained there is no requirements for installing any type of new equipment. You are basically making suggestions to the consumer or business owner where they could save on their energy bills.

Sometimes little things can help you save big but if you have no idea how to perform and energy audit than you could learn more about it and become certified. Learning something new is always what I like to do. Saving money on energy is really imporant right now because of the rate increases on what it cost to get the energy to you.

Learning this just for yourself would be worth the time and effort. If you could save even a couple hundred dollars a year think about where you could put that money? Into some housework, or maybe you want a new TV either way saving energy is really imporant we all need to find more ways to conserve, reuse and keep the world and better place for future generations around us to come.

So in closing if you ever wanted to learn more about saving on energy or if you thought about wanting to start a nice little side business consider becoming an energy auditor and see what more you can find out about it and how you can help yourself save on energy and help others save too.

Keep this in mind as well. Most home owners spend almost $2,000 a year to heat and cool and run their homes right. Learning new ways to save and ways to cut costs could mean big savings for them and give you some money in your pocket as well.