Becoming an English teach in Korea

Do you want to teach English in Korea? 


Witthe job market shrinking, it is becoming increasingly more attractive to teach abroad since you get to make good money while you experience other cultures. Korea has been one of the favorite destinations for English teachers as they offer benefits and salaries that are superior to what other countries offer.


South Korea requires all teachers to meet the following qualifications.

1) A citizen of the following countries: USA, Canada, U.K, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa. Unfortunately, if you are not a citizen of the listed countries South Korea will not issue a E-2 visa which is necessary to work as a teacher in Korea.

2) Have a degree from a four-year university. Although it is not required, a degree related to language or education could help your chances of securing a job and increase your salary.

3) Certifications such as ESL (English as a Second Language), TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) could significantly help you secure a job and increase your salary and benefits. Also, teachers who received these certifications reported to teach better. The courses are available online and necessary books could be purchased online as well. It is advisable to receive these certifications.


Getting a work visa could be a hassel if you try to do it yourself. I recommend that you work with a recruiting agency. They do not take a cent of your money because they are paid commision by the employers. However, to speed the process make sure you prepare the following documents

1) Valid Passport from the aforementioned countries. The passport has to be valid for 12 months upon your entry for private institutions and 18 months for public schools.

2) Hardcopy of your diploma and 2 sets of officially sealed transcripts.

3) Criminal Record Check at the federal level. You must authenticate this check with a Apostilled Certificate

4) Updated resume with a recommendation letter required only for the public sector. Make sure you include all experiences related to teaching, handling children.


Living in a new country could be quite an experience. Foreign teachers report challenges understanding the culture. So make sure do your research about Korea, travel books usually include information you will need. In order to fully experience the country I also recommend you study a bit of Korean which will help you get along with the locals.