I bet that title caught your eye, didn't it?

You could be the next one walking away with a huge bagful of cash in your hands!

I don't think anyone on Infobarrel yet has made it to the 'millionaire' status, nor do I think it's possible within a short amount of time. But you can probably learn how to get alot of money by simply following a few basic tips below. You could start earning up to a thousand in a month! That's 1,000$ for all your articles in a single month!

Be an Article millionaire writer - Tactics.

Write 1,000 articles, and get them all to earn you 1 dollar a day = 1,000$

Of course it's not as simple as that.

1) Write at least 1,000 articles.mney

This could take up to 2 years to write, depending on how many you write each day. And do you know what else matters? How fast you can type! If you can type 5 articles in an hour, you can easily jot down 20 articles a day in the evening even whilst you watch TV or eat dinner. If you type even faster than that, you're in luck! I can type over the 70wpm (words per minute) mark and scribble out lots of articles within minutes.

If you have less than 1,000 articles to spread out your earnings, then you'll have a harder road to take.If you can write even more than that, go for it!

2) Connect all your articles together in themes

If you have written say 20 articles on the topic of Cats, it would be a good idea to link them to each other (in a relevant manner of course!) That way your viewers can click these links and navigate around easily. It also means more clicks for you!

3) Put links to your articles or your profile on your own website

Everyone has websites nowadays, so why not take advantage of yours? You can post links onto your websites quick and easy as long as it is legit. This way both your website and articles can benefit from each other. It also makes it easier for viewers to see where they can find information.

4) Make friends on Infobarrel

A great way to support each other on barrel is to become friends and subscribe to each others news feeds. I have already subscribed to a few which I find interesting. I've also befriended people who are my inspiration for writing more articles!

5) Be one of the top contributors/writers

If you're ranking low, then that could be a reason why you're not earning more money. Try to climb the ladder towards the top. Sure it may be difficult at first, but once you beat the barrier everyone quits at, you can soar ever higher and join the infobarrel god's.

6) Invite friends to Infobarrel

The more people you invite to infobarrel, the more likely they will join and the more likely you can earn money just from referrels. These referrels are great because Infobarrel will always give you a small % extra. When you add these all up together, you can start to really earn some money off your friend list!

If you don't think you're earning much with Infobarrel yet, try writing an EBOOK

So is becoming an infobarrel millionaire impossible?
You could say that, but it is technically feasible! You just need to start earning several thousand a month through your articles. This could take a lot of time investment though. If you can complete all of the above and more, then you are already well on your way to making a good profit from your infobarrel.

Hopefully you can join the Infobarrel big-earners some time soon. Good luck with your infobarrel adventure!