There already exist many diets. Some of them emphasize to eat a lot of protein and to lower carbs intake, while others advise you to eat like cavemen did in the ancient times (Paleo Diet). However little diets offer mental techniques to persist and make it easier to lose weight. People always think the greatest part of the losing weight effort comes from exercise and nutrition, but in fact even more important is the mental side of the slimming process. Crash diets do not work because people lose a lot of weight in a small time, but due to the snapback effect, the pounds will recover as fast as they were lost. Therefore it is important to use mental techniques to aid yourself in the process of losing weight.


This technique is based on the NLP methods of Anthony Robbins. It entails that you associate bad foods with pain and good things like exercise with pleasure, for example. One of the first things I did for my self was associating unhealthy things like Chocolate with pain. I envisioned what would be the consequence to my body if I would eat those bad foods. You can also remind yourself of the body you will develop through eating bad foods, by posting pictures of fat people on your fridge.

Of course, you can do the same with pleasure. Reward yourself if you have walked for an hour and a half.  Reward yourself for the times you resist the pizza and instead choose Goji berries as meal.  This method will not get you a slim body overnight, but it will help you in the daily process towards that goal.


Another powerful technique is visualization. This entails the creation of a mental picture in your mind of the goal you desire to attain, for example, the body you want, the ripped abs you desire. You can do this optimally by reserving some time (approximately 20 minutes) just before you go to bed. Use this time to sit in a quiet space where you can relax and there is no interruption. Then, close your eyes and picture for yourself the way you want your physique to look like. After that, it is a good idea to visualize the way you are going to develop that body.


Finally use affirmations. This means that every day you repeat to yourself aloud that you will become that slim person. In this way you will create some sort of believe. Without believe, you will never lose weight and remain slim. You must believe that it is possible for you to lose much weight and stay this way.