You Choose .....
Credit: Richard Werner

In life we are all striving to be the very best we can be. We want to succeed and excel in our lives. We want to leave our mark on the world. Acceptance is something we strive towards and we want to be remembered. Just surviving is not enough. We want to do better and make an impact on the world.

There are simple steps you can take to improve yourself. Try to adopt new habits that will let you stand out in a crowd. These are probably things you already know. You can now use them in your life. We accept that people take notice of us, but you can take measures to ensure that it really happens.

Here are some tips for self-improvement and become a better you:

1. Manners and Courtesy

Your parents teach you good manners.  What you don’t realise is that manners do nothing for other people. Manners make you a better person and you make a good impression on others. If a child thanks you for giving them something you immediately notice their good manners.

At the same time be courteous. Greet people and ask them how they are. How much better do people feel with just that little bit of kindness and interest? In many cultures it is considered rude to talk to someone without first greeting them and showing an interest in them.

2. Swearing

Swearing is a bad habit you need to kick. You are giving people a bad impression of yourself. You say to yourself that people don’t really take notice. That’s where you make the mistake. People take notice of everything you do. It won’t be easy. Once you make the decision, take one day at a time and work on swearing less until you can stop.

Gentlemen should not swear in the presence of ladies. Call it old fashioned, but it is not proper to swear while you are in female company. Watch your language. You only have one chance to make a good impression. When others are swearing, don't follow their example. Children easily learn swearing from their parents. If you set a good example at home, they are less likely to learn swearwords at school.

3. Get Enough Sleep

In our fast-paced environment our minds and bodies need rest. How much sleep is enough? If you wake-up and you don’t feel rested, refreshed and energised, you are not getting enough sleep. You need more sleep if you are under a lot of pressure or recovering from illness.

Enough sleep will let you look rested and feeling younger. You will deal more easily with work pressure. Being rested allows you to think clearly, be more creative and concentrate better.

4. Eat Breakfast

Breakfast is the one meal that many people skip. It is actually the most important meal of the day. When you wake-up in the morning you have not eaten anything since the night before. This could be 10 to 12 hours ago. You need energy for the coming day. Breakfast helps you get started in the morning. It gives you energy and starts your metabolism.

Not eating breakfast is bad for your health and may lead to weight gain. Because your body has no nutrition to provide energy, you start craving food. You buy unhealthy food alternatives and snacks that could cause weight gain. Eating a good wholesome breakfast with enough fibre and proteins will give you the necessary nutrition you need. This will stop you craving other snacks during the day.

Once you eat breakfast regularly you will notice that you feel better. You will be more energetic and productive. This in turn will boost your confidence and you feel good about yourself.

5. Drink Enough Water

The human body is composed mostly of water. Water remains an essential part of your dietary requirements. Eating fruit can help replenish water during the day. Drinking coffee, tea or cool drink is not a source of water.  After waking in the morning first drink a glass of water. This will help you wake-up and will start your metabolism.

You should drink about 7 to 8 glasses of water per day. This will keep your cells hydrated and removes toxins. Your cells can work properly to keep you healthy. Keeping your cells hydrated also means your skin is hydrated. This means that wrinkles don’t forms as easily and you will look younger. Feeling and looking younger will make you more confident.

6. Smile Regularly and Laugh More

Smiling tells your brain that you are feeling happy and relaxed. This reduces stress and helps you to feel better. Smiling makes you look more attractive and approachable. You are more likely to get a positive reaction from people you talk to.

Laughter is excellent for your body. It helps to fill and expand your lungs. This gives you more oxygen in the blood and helps to replenish oxygen in the cells. Laughter is a very good way to release emotions and stress. When you are less stressed you can perform better and be more productive.

7. Change Your Attitude

Your attitude will determine your state of mind and affect your actions. A positive attitude will put you in a positive mindset and will allow you to act in a positive way. You have the power to change your attitude. Make the decision and have a more positive outlook on life and the people around you. You will be happier and inspire others to do better.

8. Time Management

We often find ourselves in situations where we run out of time because of inadequate planning. Allow yourself enough time to achieve the goals you have set. Make enough time for all the things necessary for success. There must also be time for rest and relaxation.

Be on time for appointments and engagements. Arrive on time at your place of work and when dropping off your children at school. When you arrive late you are being disrespectful and immediately place yourself in a bad light. You also feel more stressed and place yourself under more pressure.