Many people get into mixed martial arts for several reasons. Some people do it to tell chicks they’re a cage fighter, others have a passion for martial arts, there are individuals who are trying to lose weight and there are those who want to fight competitively. This article is the give some helpful tips to becoming an amateur MMA fighter.


Before I get into the main tips, this tip is for high school kids. If you start training MMA and really want to pursue this, I would recommend joining the wrestling team. It will be very time consuming due to wrestling practices but it will teach you several important things that are very relevant in mixed martial arts.

  • You’ll learn takedowns – double and single leg takedowns
  • No one can cut weight better than wrestlers – you’ll be doing this for fights. It’s a science, you’ll learn it wrestling
  • You will learn takedown defense  - the natural ability to sprawl

Finding A MMA Gym

In the last 4 years, I’ve seen MMA gyms pop out of nowhere. As the mixed martial arts market grows more gyms are opening up. I would recommend taking advantage of trials and free lessons. Talk to the trainer and the people who train there. I’m a big believer on vibes, take note of these vibes. If there are people who are training at the gym that are open to helping you out as a new guy, that’s a sign of a good gym.

DO NOT SIGN ANY CONTRACTS. I’ve been burned before from a MMA contract. Read it over and make sure it’s legitimate if you consider a gym that does have a contract.

Also make sure you take note of who the fighters are. If a gym has a lot of great fighters, you will have the opportunity to learn from these fighters. Chances are you’ll be sparring with them at some point, getting the crap beaten out of you but that’s how you get better.

Strength and Conditioning

Some gyms may do their own strength and conditioning but make sure there is a strength and conditioning coach. Technique is extremely important but if you can’t make it past the first minute of a fight, you’re done. Find ways to work on your strength and conditioning outside of your technique time.

MMA Training Must Be Consistent

For those that are not natural prodigies, you will suck a lot at the beginning. Stick with the training and commit to it. Make MMA training part of your weekly routine. Schedule it into your iCal. It may be discouraging at first when you’re getting beat on and choked out all the time but I promise you will get better as long as you are consistent with your training.

Have An Open Mind

Take any feedback from anyone, even if you are better than someone else. Feedback is typically objective and must be seriously considered when given. Be open to anything that may improve your game. What if there was research that ballroom dancing gave you more knock out power, would you do it?

When you’re ready for that first fight, your coaches will let you know. They will also fill you in with the process of getting your first fight and all of that fun paper work you have to do before the fight.