Earning Instant Affiliate Comissions (Edition 1)

Most affiliate programs have you doing all the hard work, putting up banners on blogs, websites, articles, forums...and for all your hard work, you expect that you be paid properly. So you check your ClickBank earnings and see you've made some sales. You're excited to get that check in the mail, only you keep waiting and waiting...but you need the cash now! You've searched Google before but all you've found are ClickBank clones or instant commission sites that don't pay. Looking for a real affiliate program that allows you to earn instant commissions? Look no further than RAP Bank - and no, this is not a sales pitch. RAP stands for "Rapid Action Profits" and that's exactly the type of potential RAP Bank allows for.

What is Rapid Action Profits?

Rapid Action Profits is a script that allows you to revolutionize the way you run your own affiliate program. By harnessing the power of hundreds or even thousands of affiliates, your product exposure is multiplied. Rapid Action Profits will allow you to easily manage your affiliates, giving them plenty of tools at their disposal. It will help to increase your traffic by offering the affiliates instant 100% commissions on their sales. RAP Bank uses this script.

What is RAP Bank?

RAP Bank is an affiliate marketplace of digital products, and as of the time of this writing it has 1251 products, 14, 458 members and counting...

Members are able to list a product of their own on the RAP Bank marketplace, and within minutes that product will be in front of thousands of affiliates. There is a fee to host a product on the marketplace, however. Those interested in the affiliate program for RAP Bank can promote the products on the marketplace with special links, banners, and text ads that the site provides code for. These commissions are paid instantly to your PayPal account and that is the best part!

                                                         Tips for using RAP Bank:

                                             RAP BankCredit: http://www.affordable-internet-marketing.com/pics/rapbank-affiliate-directory.jpg

  • Handle refunds by keeping profits in your PayPal account until past the refund expiration date
  • Hit specific products within the categories (narrow down each niche as much as possible)
  • Don't forget to promote the splash page as well, that way you'll earn a percentage of sales from those who sign up through your page

When the pay off is instant, so is the gratification! It's quick and easy to set up an account and start promoting products, and the payoff is even quicker. Try it out for yourself!