About ABA Paralegals

There are no licensing requirements for paralegals, however the field remains highly competitive. If you do not have a personal reference that you can get on the job training, from then your best option is a certification program. This way, you can receive the skills that an employer desires. Paralegals are unable to give advice. This is illegal. Paralegals help administratively and should only help in that way. ABA courses teach paralegals what they would need to learn for that job. Then you must gain familiarity with the sort of cases your attorney handles. If you know what kind of cases your attorney handles, you can get a specialized ABA course.

ABA Approved Courses

ABA approved courses tend to have very different entry requirements based on various providers. There are no generalized standards that apply to everyone, so application should be possible at any one location. Some providers' priorities are your level of education, whether high school or above. Sometimes experience may be more important than your level of education, depending on the provider and the age of students they are aiming for.

Become An ABA Paralegal

The Benefits Of Being ABA Approved

A big advantage to getting your credentials through an ABA paralegal course is that you can be further certified after you complete it. In itself it is very useful in getting potential employers to hire you, but you'll have an even better chance with certification. It isn't a license so you don't absolutely need it to get a job but it will open a lot of doors for you. You need to decide ahead of time if you want to do classroom or online study, and it's usually a pretty easy decision. Many older students have to work and can't take a year or two off and they may have family responsibilities, too. The lessons for these courses are often readily absorbed in an online program, so there is no problem learning that way.

Possible Licensing Requirements

In the near future, ABA paralegal will likely become an even better investment than it is at the moment since several states are thinking of initiating a system of licensing to avoid the risk of unqualified paralegals giving legal advice. Those who have the certification already will naturally be grandfathered in to help things flow. The process itself won't be too difficult and you will gain advantage from having your certification as an ABA paralegal.

ABA Approved Paralegal